All Opti-Coat Pro Applications Now Come With A 5 Year Warranty

Concours Auto Salon has been applying Opti-Coat Pro longer then any other shop in San Antonio. 2008 when the product was first released to the public. Concours Auto Salon was the first to apply it. January 2013 Optimum Polymer Technologies added…Read More

Save $70.00 On Your Next Clear Bra Install!

Now until the end of 2014 Concours Auto Salon will be offering a $70.00 coupon towards your next clear bra paint protection film install here in San Antonio.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Dent With Paintless Dent Repair?



This is the question every one asks when calling or stopping by our shop. Pricing for door ding / painless dent repair in san antonio can vary widely. Concours has a system in place that we feel is fair and consistent way for us to charge…Read More

New Cars Having Opti-Coat Applied At Concours Auto Salon


A lot of you have been treating your selfs to new vehicles lately. We have hade several through the shop in the last month with customers asking for Opti-Coat Pro by name. It certainly is becoming quite popular these days. With all the benefits that Opti-Coat Pro adds to your cars finish its hard to…Read More

Protect Your Car Through The Winter And Beyond

New Auto Detailing Package

Concours Auto Salon is now offering a “Winter Detailing Protection Package” San Antonio winters are nothing like northern states. However there still hard on you car’s paint and interior carpets. The Winter Detailing Package will protect your cars finish from road grime acid…Read More

Your Car’s Interior…More Germ’s And Bacteria Then A Public Restroom?


Far too many of us treat our cars like second homes: We eat, drink, spill things and create piles of clutter inside.

But stop and think about it. When was the last time you really gave your car a thorough cleaning on the inside? And think back to the last time you hopped into…Read More