Front-engine, grand-touring machines have a fairly specific pecking order, and the 599 is already on top, trumping most of its competitors in power, handling and looks.  This 2010 Ferrari painted Nero Black with black leather interior, highlighted with red stitching and carbon fiber accents was recently at Concours Auto Salon.  Standard features for this 599 are a 4 Cam 12 cylinder power plant producing  611 hp!  Transmission is the F1 super fast sequential 6 speed. Carbon ceramic brakes are used to slow this Prancing stallion.  Additional upgrades provided by the factory are red calipers polished challenge rims and a Bose HiFi sound system.

To see touch and feel this beautiful Ferrari in person is a treat to say the least.  The owner brought us the 599 looking to have it protected with Paint Protection Film (clear bra) window film and give the paint a top notch polish.

Services Done

Xpel Premium Paint protection Film was applied to the entire front bumper with an Xpel’s bikini kit  applied to the fenders and hood.  We also applied Paint Protection Film to the lower rockers, wheel openings and door edges.  We installed  Johnson window tint to the side glass as well as a one piece installation to the back window. The final step for the Ferrari was to have the paint polished. We preformed a three step process to remove scratches and residual sanding marks left behind by the Ferrari Factory.

Concours Auto Salon San Antonio truly appreciates the opportunity to provide our services to the owner of this fine vehicle.

The owner of this super clean Honda S2000 Wanted to treat his wife to a really nice detail and repair a few parking lot scars in the form of door dings.  Concours Auto Salon San Antonio was up for the challenge.

The car was washed and motor compartment cleaned.  After the wet work was finished the paint was completely clayed.  This removes any contaminants that have bonded to the paint over time.  The paint was then compounded with Optimum hyper compound and a wool pad.  This removed the heavy scratches and halos.  The next step was swirl removal this was done with the compound and a medium foam pad.  The final polish was done with an orbital a medium pad and Menzerna micro polish.  We sealed the paint with Optimum Opti-Seal for added protection.

The interior was detailed using a vapor steamer and mild leather and vinyl cleaners .  Carpets were shampooed with steam and a product called traffic clean.

The final step was to remove those door dings that now after the paint was at a high gloss showed much more.

As you can see the car looks stunning and the customer was really excited to get it home to surprise his wife

As of January 22, 2011 Concours Auto Salon San Antonio has a Vail Certified Master Craftsman in Paintless Dent Repair Technician repairing dented and hail damaged vehicles.

Your probably reading this thinking “I thought all PDR techs had to be certified to repair dented and damaged vehicles”.  This is the answer we were given by our customers when we informed them that our technician was going to test for third party certification.  Well the answer is no there isn’t any law or regulation in place. As a consumer this is a scary thought.  Would you hire a mechanic that was not ASE certified?  Would you have your hair done by someone who is not licensed or certified?  There are certifications for people who trim trees.  There called Certified Arborist.  Third party certifications are a way for the technician to gauge his or her skill level and for the consumer to know that the person their hiring to do work knows what there doing.  You can find lots of Paintless Dent Repair company’s that state their certified or that their craftsman at what they do but the truth is there is only a little over 300 PDR technicians in the world that have been certified. Just because someone was trained and received a document saying that they have completed a course doesn’t give them certification.

What is the process for PDR certification?


Technician’s are tested on late-model domestic and foreign hoods, deck lids and doors mounted to fixed stands.  Paintless Dent Repaired areas are evaluated using a state-of-the-art, surface scanner used by NASA to rate surface irregularities, and by visual evaluation of the test administrator.  A pre-determined acceptable tolerance level is programmed in the sensor software.  Repairs that fall outside the acceptable tolerance level for the above listed criteria will constitute failure for the assigned proficiency level.  The testing takes up to 4 hours. To be a Master Craftsman you must repair a #4 dent on a steel hood, #4 dent in a door and a #3 dent in an aluminum hood.  A #4 dent is close to a 2 inches with a deep center. A #3 dent is close to 1 1/2 inch dent with a deep center.  All dents are created using an air cannon that propels a hard rubber ball into the automobile panel at over 60 mph.  Aluminum is much harder to dent and repair then steel and is is a little smaller then the steel panel dent during testing.

By choosing Concours Auto Salon to have your hail dents or door dings repaired with Paintless Dent Repair you not only get our great customer service and competitive pricing but a repair that is done by a Certified Master Craftsman PDR technician.

With the new year came a new Paint Protection Film (clear Bra) from  Xpel Technology’s. This film is consider a premium film and has a premium look to it.  Texture that you normally see with paint protection film is almost nonexistent with this film and the clarity is great.  Another great feature of this film is it’s ease of installation. adhesive disturbances are keep to a minimum even when stretched.  Concours Auto Salon is offering this new premium film installed for the price of standard film.

We recently installed this new film on a 2008 Ford Mustang and a 2009 Mercedes SL 65  The Mustang received the traditional Bikini cut Hood Fenders and a bumper wrap.  When we installed the film we were intentionally very rough with it just so we could see how it preformed and how it looked.  As you can see from the pictures below it looked really good. Even the customer had trouble finding the film on the front of his vehicle.

For the Mercedes we went all out.  With the help of Regan from Xpel we did a bulk wrap for the hood, complete pre cut full fender kit, full door kit, full rocker panel kit  and a complete front bumper. The grills on the hood were removed as

well as the Mercedes emblem. All edges for these panels that were protected were warped. This means that the film doesn’t stop at the edge.  It’s wrapped around and anchored so visible seams are reduced.  The total installation took over 6 hours. with a 24 hour resting period to make sure that the edges were anchored and not lifting.

If your looking to have your Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Corvette or daily driver protected from the ravages of the road then Xpel Paint Protection Film might just be for you.  It comes with a 7 year warranty and if installed by Concours Auto Salon you will have a life time installation guarantee.