With the new year came a new Paint Protection Film (clear Bra) from  Xpel Technology’s. This film is consider a premium film and has a premium look to it.  Texture that you normally see with paint protection film is almost nonexistent with this film and the clarity is great.  Another great feature of this film is it’s ease of installation. adhesive disturbances are keep to a minimum even when stretched.  Concours Auto Salon is offering this new premium film installed for the price of standard film.

We recently installed this new film on a 2008 Ford Mustang and a 2009 Mercedes SL 65  The Mustang received the traditional Bikini cut Hood Fenders and a bumper wrap.  When we installed the film we were intentionally very rough with it just so we could see how it preformed and how it looked.  As you can see from the pictures below it looked really good. Even the customer had trouble finding the film on the front of his vehicle.

For the Mercedes we went all out.  With the help of Regan from Xpel we did a bulk wrap for the hood, complete pre cut full fender kit, full door kit, full rocker panel kit  and a complete front bumper. The grills on the hood were removed as

well as the Mercedes emblem. All edges for these panels that were protected were warped. This means that the film doesn’t stop at the edge.  It’s wrapped around and anchored so visible seams are reduced.  The total installation took over 6 hours. with a 24 hour resting period to make sure that the edges were anchored and not lifting.

If your looking to have your Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Corvette or daily driver protected from the ravages of the road then Xpel Paint Protection Film might just be for you.  It comes with a 7 year warranty and if installed by Concours Auto Salon you will have a life time installation guarantee.