Concours Auto Salon is now a proud sponsor of the monthly gathering called Coffee and Rides.

Coffee And Rides has been taking place since 2009 and is a once a month event taking place on the last Saturday of every month . It takes place from 8:30 am till 11:00 am. It has gone from a small group of people and theirSan antonio Coffee and Rides cars to an event that has at times had over 200 cars in attendance. If you want to see Ferraris, Lambos and Porsches they will be there. You will also find many of the San Antonio car clubs there as well. Clubs like the Z Club, The Mustang Club, The Ferrari Club, The Porsche Club Longhorn Region and many more. Old cars, new cars, odd and rare you can just about find it all in a very relaxed atmosphere.

We welcome all drivers to gather in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the meet, drink some coffee, kick the tires and just relax.  There are always all kinds of cars for everyone to enjoy.  So bring the family,  a friend or come out on your own and meet some fellow car folks.

Concours Auto Salon will be in attendance to show case customers cars, make new friends and share our knowledge with any one who is in interested in listening and learning. See you there!

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The most common phrase or question a customer says when they come in to have a ding or a dent repaired with the paintless dent repair method is “do you think you can pop this out”?  Now if you have never had paintless dent repair done or watched it done you probably think that they just pop right out or we use a big hammer and strategically place a couple of blows on the back of the dent.  It really doesn’t work this way. It takes planing finesse ansan antonio paintledd dent repair toolsd patience to properly repair a dent, door ding or hail damage.

I was watching a PGA Golf tournament over the weekend.  When you watch the players every one has a special style or technique but the outcome is a beautifully struck golf ball that can go just about any where they want it to.  The Professional golfer makes the game look so easy.  Now we all know that they spend countless hours a week practicing their swing to become this good.  They all have a passion for what their doing.  The same holds true for the PDR professional.

The majority of dents are caused by a violent action like a car door striking another.  To repair the damage takes finesse.  You don’t have a quality repair when it’s done as violently as when the damage occurred.  For a professional repair you need to use special designed PDR tools that help the technician gently message the metal back to it’sdoor ding repair sanantonio original shape.  Just like a Pro Golfer has many clubs in his bag a PDR professional has many different tools with different bends, handles and tips to achieve that perfect repair.

It takes time to understand dents, dings and what process must be taken to repair the damaged door of fender of your car.  The average person that has no formal training will just start pushing with no plan or direction.  So the next time you need a paintless dent repair done in the San Antonio area give the guy’s at Concours Auto Salon a call they are Vale Certified in the art of paintless dent repairs.


Ah, spring: It means birds chirping, flowers blooming, people walking the streets humming, caught in a state of sunshine-induced bliss. Unfortunately, it also means allergy flare-ups, tax season, and that woeful chore — spring cleaning. We can’t help with your W-2, or that runny nose, but we can make sure your car is looks smells and feels like new.

Concours Auto Salon is now offering a “New Customer” package. So if you never experienced a Concours Clean Car now  is your chance to do so at a reduced cost. This is a small list of the thing included in this package.

Now $350.00 regularly $450.00 Valuesan antonio porsche detailing

  • Hand Wash
  • Motor compartment cleaned
  • Clay Bar decontaminate treatment
  • Our award winning 3 step paint correction
  • Opti-Coat 3 year paint sealant
  • Vapor Steam Clean interior from the headliner to the carpets
  • all carpets steam cleaned and extracted
  • Leather, Vinyl and plastic conditioned with UV protection
  • Chrome wheels and exhaust tips polished
  • doorjambs cleaned
  • Glass cleaned

It’s important to clean correct and protect you car for the up coming rain and blistering summer.

If you need any paintless dent repair done at the time of your service we will gladly do this for you at a reduced rate when we detail your vehicle.