Can you fix this dent with paintless dent repair? This is a question we get asked all the time by customers here in San Antonio.  We even have people call and ask if we can fix a door ding on a body line.  They think it cant, but are not really sure because their cousin told them it couldn’t be done. The only way for sure is to know is to ask a professional. Take your car in for them to inspect the damage is the best way.

Here we’re going to show you a repair we did for the owner of a mustang. It was over 10″ long and went through a body line. The repair took a little over two hours and required the tail light be removed.

paintless dent and ding repair san antonio texas

As you can see in the picture above the crease is long, deep, is not straight and goes through a body line.  People often think that we just pop these dents out.  99% of the time they don’t.  It takes patience and alot of finesse to sculpt the metal back to it’s original shape.

san antonio paintless dent repair

Here the dent repair is about 50% finished.  We start by bring up the center of the crease with a bullet type tip tool. It takes several passes from one end of the crease to the other. If you look close you can see little bumps.  There slight tool marks.  Bringing up the center of this crease reveals a second smaller one.

dent repair san antonio texas

The above picture is the dent finished.   The body line is repairs and all the metal is back in it’s original place.  We did do some color sanding and polishing to eliminate a line left in the clear coat from what ever caused the damage. The most important part is this San Antonio resident was very happy with the repair

Every ding and dent can be a challenge to repair.  In some cases the ding may look small but the depth of it makes it unrepairable with paintless dent repair. We don’t recommend that you try and repair it your self or try to make a dent smaller just to try and pay a smaller price.  You can end up causing more damage then you had and paying a much higher price.

Our PDR professional here at Concours Auto Salon has over 10 years experience repairing dent and dings just like the ones you may have.  He is also a Certified Master Craftsman.  Certified through a third party company called Vale National.  Vale is recognized through the insurance industry.


After writing this post I learned that Fred Frederick Vice President of the San Antonio Mustang Club and the person who snapped all the pictures of this event, passed away. More information about his passing can be found here.

On Saturday May 21st Concours Auto Salon hosted a clinic for the San Antonio Mustang Club and the Shelby Club. The event took place from 10:00 am till 12:00pm. The clinic was a great success! The purpose was to help further san antonio auto polishingeducate members of the clubs on proper care for the paint finish on  their cars.

Anthony started the event explaining what different types of environmental damage happen to vehicles finishes and what causes it. Anthony then  explained the difference between paint swirls, halos and paint marring.  An abused 2001 BMW M5 was used for the demonstration. After the identification process Anthony talked about the different compounds and polishes available to correct these problems. He gave a demonstration with the rotary buffer showing what could and couldn’t be repaired. Then offered to let the attendees operate the different buffers.

Waxes and paint sealants were the final topic of discussion during the education session. Anthony explained different waxes on the market and how they could be applied. He supplied 8 different waxes, paint sealants and paint coating systems for the attendees to touch smell and apply.

After the education secession Ron pulled two different mustangs into the shop to demonstrate  the different Paint Less Dent Repair process. He explained what the different tools were used for and how. A black Shelby GT500  with a door ding on the body line in the passenger door was the first dent repaired. Ron chose this car because the owner told Ron that his friends and family said that paintless dent repair couldn’t fix this because it was on the body line. He lived with this dent for over a year. The attendees were very surprised when Ron had 90% of the dent repaired in 5 minuets.  He then spent another 10 minuets finishing the dent to the point that no one could tell where it was.

The second dent for the demonstration was in the C pillar of a black Mustang Gt. This ding was a candidate for the Concours Auto Salon glue pulling paintless dent repair process. Ron explained what the different tabs do, types of dents there used for and the glue. Ron showed how the two different tools used to pull operate. One being a Mini Lifter and the other a Slide Hammer.

Every one who attended had a great time  and enjoyed food and drinks provided by Concours Auto Salon. Anthony and Ron hope to do this again soon for other car clubs in San Antonio.