If your the type of person who enjoys washing your own vehicle you might find it hard to do so with the current water restriction in affect here in San Antonio. Combine this with the heat and the hard water problems we have and you may just want to give up  cleaning your car your self.

Don’t throw the in towel because we just received a new shipment of Optimum No Rinse wash and shine direct from Optimum Polymer Technology. Several cases to say the san antonio eco car washleast. Regular customers of Concours Auto Salon know what this product is and buy it on a regular basis. So much so that it’s hard to keep in stock.

What is Optimum No Rinse?

No Rinse ™ Wash & Shine is the most technologically advanced car wash system that only requires 1-2 gallons of water to wash the entire car. No Rinse ™ Wash & Shine does not require rinsing since there are no soapy surfactants to wash off into the storm drains.

This unique product contains substantive polymers which bond to the paint and protect it during the wash. Therefore, No Rinse ™ Wash & Shine offers greater protection and lubricity than conventional car washes leaving a sleek & glossy finish behind afterwards. The waste water in the bucket can be used to water the lawn or disposed of into a sink, where it will be treated!

Additional benefits are faster washes, ability to wash anywhere at anytime including washing inside the garage during the cold or hot months, no messy water runoffs, and greater looking car finishes. These are some of the reasons No Rinse ™ Wash & Shine is being used by consumers and professionals all over the world.san antonio #1 detailer

Does Concours Auto Salon use No Rinse wash and shine?

You bet we do. In fact 80% of the vehicles we clean and detail here in San Antonio are washed with optimum No Rinse. It only takes a good quality wash mitt, high quality microfiber towels two ounces of No Rinse and a couple of gallons of water to wash a moderately dirty vehicle. When were are done the waste water is deposited in the sink instead of the street helping to preserve Texas streams and rivers.

Cone on by the shop for your free demo of this eco friendly product and pick up a bottle.






Hot steam. Probably not something your going to want to work around especially when the weather has been so hot here in San Antonio.san antonio auto detailing with hot steam

Here at Concours Auto Salon we use hot steam to detail car interiors every day. Is it effective? You bet it is. Dose it make us sweat? Oh yeah. These are some of the sacrifices we make to deliver the best job possible.

What is a Vapor Steamer you ask? A vapor steamer is is a tool we use at Concours Auto Salon to clean, sanitize and effectively detail your car’s interior. It has an internal boiler that heats the water to 340° when we press a trigger on the hand wand that hot water comes out as steam vapor at approximately 65 to 70 psi.

Concours Auto just purchased another Vapor Steamer. It’s a industrial unit that cost over $1800.00 called the Vapor Chief.

The Vapor Chief Steam Cleaner is a 120 volt vapor steam machine that performs like 220 volt. This is THE MOST best auto detailing in san antoniopowerful dry vapor steamer you can buy that runs on 120 volts….and is made in the USA!  You won’t find a unit like this on your mobile detailers truck or at the local carwash.

Why is Vapor Steam Cleaning more effective than traditional cleaning?
All hard surfaces are actually porous. Steam can penetrate those pores and get at that embedded dirt.

What are the chief advantages of steam cleaning?
Hot steam vapor penetrates pores of the materials or surfaces to be cleaned, and cleans more thoroughly than normal cleaners and does so without the use of chemicals. This lack of chemicals used in the cleaning process is a huge benefit to those people who are sensitive to chemicals or are trying to reduce the level of toxicity in their vehicles, especially if children are present.

Killing germs, bacteria and microorganisms such as mold and dust mites.
Perhaps the best advantage of all, is that hot steam vapor is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent without any chemical odor. When the vapor steam penetrates surfaces, it destroys mold spores, germs, viruses, dust mites, and Bacteria.

More effective cleaning
Interestingly enough, although we are a great proponent of the fact that steam vapor alone will miraculously clean most things, it is pertinent to note that for stubborn cleaning chores pre-spraying the area with a natural cleansing agent and then combining with steam vapor enhances the cleaning properties of the cleaning agent by a factor of several times.

Anthony and on have been using Vapor steam for years and would love to demonstrate it’s capabilities to you. Come on by the shop and see our new steamer in action. Or make an appointment to have your interior completely detailed and sanitized.


Hot steam