Have you noticed how hot it’s been in San Antonio lately? Of course you have. What better way to bet the heat while driving then to have your windows tinted at Concours Auto Salon.

During the month of August Concours Auto Salon is offering our premium window tint from Johnson Window Films at a special price. Prices start at $199.00 for a complete vehicle and will vary depending on the size and number of windows to be tinted. Or $89.00 for just tow front windows. This is for lifetime guarantee high performance window tint.  This is a national warranty from Johnson. Compare this to our normal price of  $289.00 and you can see the substantial savings you will receive during this special. This is not bait and switch sale like the big chain tint stores. It’s a real sale saving you real money.

Put your SPF 50 down and get over to Concours Auto Salon and replace that old tint with new Johnson window tint. If you have no tint on your new vehicle what better way to protect your interior and your self with window tint. Our tint offers 98% UV protection and 65% heat rejection. So don’t get burned by cheep prices for cheep tint! Contact Concours Auto Salon