Never Wax Your Car Again!


Throughout the spring, summer and into the fall Concours Auto Salon has been doing something really crazy. Offering Optimum Opti-Coat with our new customer auto detailing package. The offer is truly a great one considering that Concours Auto Salon charges $150.00 for a single application of the coating to a new car.

Your probably asking yourself what is Opti-Coat? Well Optimum Opti-Coat is a permanent coating that protects automotive paint over its lifetime! Unlike a wax or sealant, Optimum Opti-Coat will not wash or wear off. It acts as a

Opti-Coat Being Applied To A  2009 Porsche

second layer of clear coat which provides increased protection against the elements. The formula we offer is only available to professionals. Optimum Opti-Coat is a resin pre polymer. After it is applied it’s dry to the touch within 60 seconds, can get wet with in an hour and can be washed after 24 hours. After it has had a chance to cross link, bond completely cure it forms a permanent barrier that will protect your cars finish form the elements locking in a long lasting shine. The best part you cant wash it off! However it will make washing your car much easier to do.Your car will stay cleaner longer aw well.

San Antonio auto dealers, auto detailers and car washes all offer types of  polymer protection but none that will last longer then 3 to 6 months.

Why are we the only shop in the San Antonio area to offer this product?  Several years back 2004 to be exact. Anthony

san antonio auto detailing

Opti-Coat Being Applied To A 1994 BMW

and Ron had talks with The owner of Optimum Car Care about developing this product. Anthony and Ron were disappointed with all the products out there that claimed lasting protection. The market is saturated with hype products. They were looking for something actually delivered on it’s promises. After 3 years and over 100 different formula variations they were finally able to release a professional only version of the Opti-Coat. Currently Concours  Auto Salon is the #1 retailer of this product. Applying it to more cars in a week then most professionals do in a months time.


A recent quote from a profesional auto detailing forum. “I am using the original version on my Daily Driver for more than 6 months currently and its still protecting and seen others more than a year in. I cannot wait to see this coating in more Vette owners hands as it truly offers the long term protection dealers often suggested but could NOT produce“.

Watch the video below and see for your self. The person in the video only applied the coating to the drivers 1/2 of the vehicle, has run it through numerous car washes and washed it himself with dish soap! The video was taken a year after the opti-coat application. listen to him at the end of the video he will give the mileage. You will be surprised.