As the year winds down we reflect back on 2012 and start making plans for 2013.

We opened our Babcock location in 2008. Lots of antacids were needed. It was terrifying. Today at this writing we look back and feel it was all worth it.

We made some “Big Changes” this past year

2012 was our first year in our new building on Babcock. New customers that came through our doors during the past year never new we were hidden in the back corner of the Auto Net complex.

This past year we purchased new equipment that will make our job a little easier as well as making us more efficient. If you’ve been in lately then you’ve seen the two vehicle lifts. These lifts raise the cars off the ground so wheels can be removed, fender wells can be cleaned and the inside of wheels can be cleaned.   We also use them to lift cars so we can be more efficient repairing those door dings that people get in the sides of their vehicles. With the lifts we can now provide a faster turnaround time when were refinishing brake calipers, Better Paint Protection Film installations and there also great to use when polishing a vehicle or detailing an interior. Bringing the car off the ground makes our backs feel a little better.

We set out to offer better coverage and pricing for our customers wanting Paint Protection Film. We now offer full coverage for the front of your vehicle for a little more then an extra $150.00 to $200.00 eliminating the line people see crossing the hood and fenders. We installed more full hoods and fenders this past year then previous years combined.

We continued our “New Customer Package” program introducing new customers to the benefits and results of true auto detailing. We plan on continuing this into 2013

We offered a couple of different Social Meida offers this past year through Living Social and Google Offers. They weren’t as successful as promised. We did sell them and honer them learning lessons along the way.

Plus many more positive achievements for the year that affected us all.

For the New Year to come we have more big plans in place. Were installing a new whole shop air compressor system and a Hydrographic’s machine. These units are in the shop now and just need to be installed and made operational.

We (Concours Auto Salon) wouldn’t be where were at or who we are with out YOU our valued customer. Thank you for a great year and your continued support.

Have a Blessed, Prosperous and Happy New Year!



On November 28th Concours Auto Salon was the first authorized applier of the Optimum Opti-Coat to sell the “New Warranty Package“.

The recipient was this new Nissan Frontier pick up with less the 500 miles. 

New Vehicles are the perfect candidates for the Opti-Coat. The paint is usually in pristine condition with zero paint flaws and requires only minor preparation to receive the Opti-Coat

General Terms And Conditions Of The warranty

1. Any application, re-application, repair work carried out on the surface must be applied/reapplied or repaired by an authorized Opti-      Coat agent

2.This agreement excludes vehicles used either at present or previously for commercial purposes.

3. Opti-Coat agents must be notified of any claim due to failure of product performance with in 30 days of occurrence.

4.Vehicle must retain continuously registered within the USA for the duration of the warranty.

5.warranty is non transferable.

6.Warranty is only valid from date of registration of warranty number, activation code and vehicle details.

Concours Auto Salon is proud to offer Opti-Coat for our customers vehicles. We truly belive in the product and know that it works. We’ve tested and applied it to hundreds of vehicles at our shop and it’s been tested at an independent lab with published results.

If you have a problem with the painted surfaces of your vehicle after the Opti-Coat has been applied. Damage from bugs , bird bombs acid rain etc. Optimum polymer technologies will pay to have an authorized Opti-Coat agent repair and polish the affected area or if necessary pay up to $1500.00 for repainting. Limitations, terms and conditions apply. Contact an authorized agent for full details.Opti-Coat Warranty Package