Not so long ago people looked at paint protection film as a trend. Like a fashion trend for the wealthy. You would se it on Porsches, Ferraris and other exotic vehicles. The average consumer thought it was over priced kitchen wrap. Trends tend to fade away right? Not paint protection film or (PPF/ Clear Bra) as others may know it by. The only thing that is fading away is the visibility of the film.

Quality Of The Newer Films

Older generations of clear bra films would tend to loose it gloss, become yellow and even start to develop cracks. The current generation of film has a self healing coating applied to in. This coating will heal and make light scratched disappear. Another benefit is it  sheds environmental contaminates that cause the film to turn yellow. The new film are much smoother, have more gloss and are much more flexible making installs much more invisible. Xple technologies, film that we install here at concours auto salon  has led the way in this

Paint Protection Being Applied To The Entire Hood Of A Lexus

latest trend.


In the past 5 years retailers and manufactures of paint protection film have see a 20% growth in sales. This is due to added customer awareness through marketing and the expansion into the OEM market. Auto manufactures have see the benefit of the product and started to add these films to their production lines. Today you can walk on any high volume Toyota dealers new car lot and find the film on Camry’s. Something you wouldn’t see 5 years ago.

Consumer Confidence

During the recent economic down turn new car sales were down but with the recent up swing more new vehicles are being sold. Trends show that people are planing on keeping their new cars for a longer period of time. Naturaly they would want to keep them looking new for as long as possible. Concours Auto Salon is seeing more middle of the road vehicles like Altima’s, Camry’s and Accord’s come in for clear bra protection. It’s not just a product reserved for the exotic car market any more.

The Smart Consumer

In past years we would introduce clear bra’s to customers in our shop and we would here comments like “well if it cost that much I might as well have the front bumper painted” or “I don’t like the line across the hood” or ”  can live with a few rock chips”. The smart consumer understands that it cost over 500.00 to have a quality refinish completed to the bumper of their car and there’s a good chance that the color wont match. Another trend at our shop has been for customers to completely wrap the front of their hood and fenders when they have a bumper kit installed so there in no visible line. This gives them 100% front protection from rock chips.

If you have ever considered paint protection film and are in the market for a new car or are considering having the front of your car refinished we urge you to com by our shop Concours Auto Salon and see what we have to offer. We always have at least on vehicle with protection to show you.

A 2008 Porsche with over 50,000 miles. It’s had Paint Protection Film protecting it since it was new. Installed by Concours Auto Salon. Not one rock chip is visible



Recently a new customer hired Concours Auto Salon to polish the exterior of their 2010 Chevrolet Z71. This article will highlight the key process used to achieve a nearly flawless finish. To truly correct a paint finish (remove swirls and scratches) you have to level the paint. This means that your compounding and polishing the paint to a point that it’s level with the bottom of the scratches. The first steps we take after the hand wash and decontamination process is to inspect the paint. We use high intensity LED lights to do this. LED’s show so much more then a regular fluorescent or incandescent bulb can. This fender pictured shows the scratches and swirling in the paint. Some areas have more damage and some less. The top panels like hoods, roofs and trunks show and have the most damage.

Paint polishing san antonio

Led Light Highlighting The Scratches

After the evaluation we will do test spots with different polishing/compounding pads and different liquid and cream polishes and compounds. This picture represents the products, pads and machines used for the Chevrolet.

Optimum paint polishing san antonio

Optimum compound, Menzerna polish, Menzerna finishing polish, Lakecountry wool and foam pads, Makita rotary polisher and Flex dual action orbital polisher.

We started by using the Optimum compound and a wool pad to level the paint. This process will remove the heavy scratches in the paint from abrasions and improper washing. This process will also leave swirls behind. To remove the swirls we use Optimum compound and a blue foam pad this process eliminates the heavy swirls but leaves behind light fine swirls.

auto detailing san antonio

Compounding with the wool pad and optimum compound

Our third step we used the Makita rotary with the Menzerna Power Finish with a white lakecountry polishing pad. With this step you can really start to see the shine come out in the paint. This step removes all of the light swirls left behind by the compounding. The last and final step in our paint correction process is the final polish. This is done with the Flex polisher. This polisher had a random orbit and when used properly will not induce swirling. Out of the 4 steps this takes the longest. We take our time moving the buffer at a slower rate. This gives the black paint that deep deep gloss that people love to look at. We used the white Lakecountry polishing pad and Menzerna Finishing polish.

swirl and scratch removal san antonio

The final step in the polishing process. The flex with a white polishing pad and Menzerna Finishing Polish

We finish by removing all tape and residue from the exterior of the vehicle. We then wash the exterior one more time removing all of the compound and polishing dust and oils from the truck. A long lasting paint sealant was then applied to help lock in the shine.

The End Result is an extremely shiny finish with lots of depth and gloss.

Using the LED light to show the correction. No more scratches and swirls

ultimate reflection detail san antonio

This is the reflection from the tailgate of the chevy truck! Amazing.

chevrolet truck detailing san antonio

Inside the Shop. The paint correction is done and waiting for the customer to pick up.

concours auto salon auto detail san antonio

Two days were spent correcting this trucks finish and it really shows.