Hazy yellow headlights are a common problem for drivers in an Antonio. Not only do they make driving at night dangerous they also look ugly and make a car look aged. Our headlight restoration process can permanently fix the problem.

Recently we had a customer in the shop for Headlight Restoration Service on a Saab. When she was checking in she told us that a coworker recommended us and that he had had his Land Rover headlights done by us a year ago.

This customer with the saab said that she had them done every 6 months for past few years paying $60.00 each time. The coworker that recommended us told her a year ago to have them done at our shop. She wanted to wait and see just how good they would look after a year because hers were always turning cloudy after 6 month.

After a year passed she asked to see them.To her surprise they were crystal clear! She was convinced and made the appointment with us.

Below are a few photos and a brief description of the process.


The Saab headlight pre reconditioning

The Headlights pre reconditioning


Sanding to remove the damaged layer of lens.


Headlight ready for polishing


Headlight completely polished


The 8 mil headlight film applied for total protection


The headlight completely restored, protected and ready for more years at a fraction of the price for a new one