In our hight tech world  we all are looking for some type of proof of conformation that the products and services we spend our money on are working as advertised. Company’s spend thousands of dollars testing products in a lab. However a lab is really a controlled environment. Real world testing and results can really make or break a product. Company’s shout at the top of their lungs in print and on the television  trying to convince consumers that their product is the best. It all seems like noise at times. Every so often a products comes along that claims to do this and that. When you realize that the product you paid for  actually does what it’s supposed to do it a nice surprise.

Recently Opti-Coat pro (a product we helped develop and apply to car’s every day in our shop) was put to the test. It was a real world test. Not a scheduled one. The test vehicle is a highly polished, black Mini Cooper. It’s owner is Richard Lin who also own’s Show Car Detailing in southern California. They are an authorized Opti-Coat Pro installer. Richard’s black Mini was in the parking lot of his shop looking really nice. Nice enough that a feathered flying rat with a poor diet decided to take  dive bomb target practice on Richards. The bird scored a direct hit.

This is the point of impact.

Opti-Coat protects from bird droppings













Richard waited two days to physically remove the bomb from the front of his car.

Opti-Coat permanent paint coating














This is the stain left behind.


Opti-Coat protects paint from stains














Richard had planned on documenting the stains disappearance over several days. However it was a real world test. It rained one day and was scorching hot the other days. When Richard realized that he forgot about the stain he grabbed his camera, some water and soft microfiber towels to clean the area of his hood for inspection and pictures.

Opti-Coat makes paint stains disappear














The stain was completely gone. Were not sure how quickly it was gone. This picture was taken 7 days after the bird bomb was left behind but it was gone!

Optimum Opti-Coat is a permanent coating that is applied to all the painted surfaces of your vehicle. When applied correctly it will protect your car’s finish from life’s environmental hazards like it did for Richard’s car.

If you purchased a new Vehicle you can have Opti-Coat applied to the paint and obtain a warranty that guarantees that damage like this wont happen to your car. If it does then Optimum will pay up to $2500.00 to have the damage repaired or painted.

Concours Auto Salon is an authorized installer for Opti-Coat Pro. We have applied the product to thousands of cars just like yours. Give us a call and check out the Opti-Coat website for more details about the warranty and to locate a shop near you if your not in the San Antonio area.

For More information about Optimum Opti-Coat applications at Concours Auto Salon just click HERE