Recently a local San Antonio resident contacted us through our Facebook page inquiring about a dent they needed repaired using our paintless dent repair method. He sent us a picture of the dented panel that was the drivers side rear door. We informed him that the damage might not be reparable due to the location of the dent.

If a car door is dented at the very top, damaging the body line, it can be challenging just to get our tools up there. You see there is an upper brace inside the door. This gives the door rigidity so that it wont flex and bend. This brace sits really close to the outer door skin 1/8th of an inch or less and usually has some type of glue or sealant bonding it to the panel.

Below is one of the pictures the customer supplied us through Facebook.

San Antonio Paintless Dent Removal

Customer Supplied Photo

Looking at the above photo you can see the dent. What you don’t see is the attempt another PDR (paintless dent repair) company made to try and repair the dent. Below the dent the metal is pushed out and there were small bumps poking out. This was going to make the repair even more challenging.

advanced PDR for San Antonio

This is what we were looking at

The picture above shows the body line pushed in and a crown on the top of the door.

dent repair san antonio

You can now see some of the outward dent left behind from another PDR companies attempt to repair the dent.

We used special thin tools. Or as we call them shaved tools, to go between the brace and the outer skin of the door. The tools were inserted through an electrical boot on at the front of the inside of the door. To remove the high spots  we used a special blending hammer and plastic knockdowns  Special care is given to not damage the paint.

The finished repair. No Dent!

The repair time for this dent was close to two hours. The body shop would have taken 3 days or longer. We saved the customer time and a lot of money.


Concours Auto Salon Certified Paintless Dent Repair

All dent repair are polished when finished leaving behind no signs of the repair even being done.

If you or a friend needs paintless dent repair give a call. It doesn’t cost a thing for the estimate. Let us see if we can save you time and money.