Repairing Car Dents Are You Choosing The Right Company

Choosing the right company to perform repairs to your car can be difficult at times. Do an internet search for dent repair and you find several companies that look reputable. They may even have great reviews. The truth is people can manipulate the internet and make any one look like a legitimate company.

Were going to share some pictures and a story with you about a woman who was taken advantage of by a company posing as a PDR (paintless dent removal) company on the internet.

The pictures below are what this companies finished repaired looked like. Really a terrible job. When it came time for this person to get paid they slathered a bunch of wax on the paint. This is an old scam that people do and still get away with today. The wax hides some of the imperfections (we don’t know how it was so bad) then the customer is told to remove the wax after a couple of days and the repair will look as goos as new.

The other guys PDR

The other guys PDR 





Ok so now you can see what bad workmanship this guy has. Not to mention bad ethics. He even gave this woman a hand written receipt with two contact phone numbers and a 90 day warranty. Yes she did try and contact him. Guess what He didn’t return her calls.

Her next search was to find a company that was in a fixed location like our shop. Someone she could go back to if there was ever a problem. She did a search for “certified paintless dent removal san antonio” and we came up in her search. After meeting with us she felt comfortable leaving her car for a re-repair.  She was informed that it wouldn’t be perfect  repair and that if we couldn’t repair it to her satisfaction that there would be no charge for the effort.


Repaired Car Dent

The previous repair was so botched that the metal was stretched, the paint was cracks in some areas and you could see marks where the others persons tool slipped.

For more information about paintless dent repair by our certified technician give a call or stop by the shop.