Happy New Year every one. 2013 was a great year for us at the shop. We made a lot of new friends and worked on a lot of great cars.

A lot of you have been treating your selfs to new vehicles lately. We have hade several through the shop in the last month with customers asking for Opti-Coat Pro by name. It certainly is becoming quite popular these days. With all the benefits that Opti-Coat Pro adds to your cars finish its hard to not want it applied.

We thought we would share some of the recent cars that have come through the shop to have Opti-Coat Pro applied.

This is a new Jeep Cherokee SRT 8 The charcoal metallic finish really sparkled with the Opti-Coat Pro applied to the finish.

Jeep SRT 8 Opti-Coat

This black beauty Honda Accord was in on a recent Saturday having Opti-Coat Pro applied to it’s black metallic finish.

Honda Accord Opti-Coat

These two Porsches were Opti-Coated  at the same time. Parked out in front of the shop they look like candy!

porsche Opti-Coat

This super sweet Audi R8 spider was protected with Opti-Coat Pro after it’s paint was corrected.

Audi with Opti-Coat

This was really just the tip of the Iceberg. So many of you have been wanting your carts protected with Opti-Coat Pro it’s been hard to keep up with let alone document all the cars coming through the shop. We really look forward to the new year and all the customers who want to protect their cars.