Concours Auto Salon the leader in Opti-Coat Pro applications for San Antonio Tx is happy to announce that Optimum Polymer  Technologies Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Paint Coatings now come with a 5 year warranty for every complete application. Each new application will come with a warranty pack thatOpti-CoatPro1 includes an outline of the warranty and a warranty card. This warranty card will have a special number with an activation code on the back that is registered through the website.

Concours Auto Salon has been applying Opti-Coat Pro longer then any other shop in San Antonio. 2008  when the product was first released to the public. Concours Auto Salon was the first to apply it. January 2013 Optimum Polymer Technologies added the warranty program for customers wanting a little extra insurance for their paint. Again Concours Auto Salon was the first to Offer it with a warranty and the first to sell a warranty in the United States. Since the beginning Concours Auto Salon has applied Opti-Coat Pro to thousands of cars all over south Texas.IMG_6638

You can’t buy Opti-Coat Pro Just Anywhere

Its true. Opti-Coat can only be purchased and applied from an authorized retailer. There is a list of installers nation wide on the Opti-Coat Pro website. This ensures every one that has this amazingly durable product has i tone right by a licensed and insured shop with the experience and skill to make your paint look t’s best prior to the application of Opti-Coat Pro.