Opti-Coat Pro

During the last two months we’ve been offering the New Optimum Gloss-Coat paint coating process. We can report that everyone loves it.

Gloss -Coat is similar to the Opti-Coat Pro we already offer. Yet it doesn’t have the 5 year warranty that the Opti-Coat Pro has. The durability is only good for up to two years. Gloss coat is slick to the touch, hydrophobic and can be applied on top of Opti-Coat Pro. Adding Opti-Coat Pro makes your cars paint look even glossier and feels super soft.

The Gloss-Coat application process is the same as Opti-Coat Pro. We start by thoroughly washing the vehicle. Then we decontaminate the paint using Optimum FereX and detailers clay. This ensures that the paint is contaminate free. We then dry the surface with compressed air. Primer polish (Optimum Prime) is then used to gently polish the paint. This brings out thew shine and readys the paint for the Gloss-Coat. Gloss-Coat is then applied one panel at a time until the vehicle is done.

Gloss-Coat is Optimum Polymer Technologies answer to all the copy cat paint coating that have popped up the past few years. Most offer no warranty and some offer only 2 years vs the 5 year Opti-Coat Pro comes with. Most of these new coatings cost double or triple the price and are imported from a foreign country. Opt-Coat Pro and Gloss-Coat are made here in America.

If having a car that stays cleaner longer, keeps it shine longer, is easier to clean and overall just looks better. Consider having us professionally apply one of Optimum Polymer Technologies premium paint coatings. It’s the #1 paint coating in America and the only one will offer you at Concours Auto Salon.

gloss-coat at concours auto salon san antonio

Gloss-Coat paint coating protecting this Porsche