It’s going to happen someday. Your car or truck is going to get a nasty, ugly dent or ding like this one. Doors and fenders are all prime targets for parking lot damage. What you do when this happens could save you a pocket full of money.IMG_1048

Concours Auto Salon’s paintless dent repair service saved this truck fender. A body shop would have sanded, added body fillers and the entire fender would need to have new paint applied. A body shop would have charged $500 to $700 dollars or more to repair this damage. It would be out of service for 3 days or more and the possibility that the paint may not match exactly is there.

Paintless Dent Repair Is A Smart Repair

Smart Repair can’t be defined in one sentence. It could be that a person chose the best type of repair for their situation, the best repair for their pocketbook or did extensive research to find the right shop for their dent repair. We feel that a smart repair is the least invasive, saves time and saves money.

Saving This Fender With Paintless Dent Repair

IMG_1051The front fender on this Toyota Tundra was hit by a shopping cart. The damage was deep, the edge was bent and the body was pushed in. Most would take it straight to a body shop. However, this owner has used our services before on the same truck. He knew what our Vale certified paintless dent repair tech was capable of and came straight to us. The repair time was long (about 4 hours) but the savings were huge. The repair cost less than a body shop and was completed in hours not days. The factory finish remained intact.