Restore your vehicle to its original factory condition following the recent hail storm in San Antonio with hail damage repair by Concours Auto Salon. We specialize in repairing vehicles that have been struck by hail. If your vehicle has been damaged by hail, you can rest assured that Concours Auto Salon has the experience and technology to get your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition.

What you should do?

Your first move should be to contact your insurance company to start the claims process. Many peopleConcours Auto Salon are hesitant to file a claim for fear of their insurance premiums being raised.  Hail damage is covered under your comprehensive coverage and is considered an act of nature.  Filing a hail claim will never cause your premiums to go up, regardless of what anyone tells you.

Concours Auto Salon Is Here To Help

We normally enjoy writing independent estimates for customers but during these very busy weeks after the hail storm we have limited time. However, we will work from your insurance carrier’s estimate. If there is any discrepancy in their claim, we can handle it with them directly to ensure your vehicle is repaired back to pre-damage condition. You are welcome to make an appointment to leave your car with us. We will meet with the adjusters at our shop, assess the damage with them and start the repairs immediately after the assessment. This process will save you the most time and get your vehicle back on the road faster.

When a hail storm hits San Antonio, avoiding the damage is nearly impossible. But repairing the hail damage is quick and easy with Concours Auto Salon’s hail damage repair process.