Mini Cooper S Gets Protected With Opti-Coat and Xpel

San Antonio Texas– Recently, one of our customers purchased a new 2016 Mini Cooper S and wanted a good protection package. They chose to have the entire front of the Cooper wrapped with XPEL Ultimate paint protection film to prevent rock chips. They also wanted to protect the other painted areas with Opti-Coat Pro. Opti-Coat Pro helps keep that new car shine and protects the paint from environmental damage.

Xpel UltimateWe started preparing the Mini Cooper for the XPEL film installation by removing the headlight rings, Mini badge hood scoop, and windshield squirters from the hood. This so we could wrap the entire hood with one pice of film without any seams you would have using a pre-cut kit.

Next, we completed a decontamination wash and clayed the paint to ensure there were zero contaminants on the paint. This was followed by a complete prim polish to remove some light scratching and ready the paint for the Opti-Coat Pro.

With the paint clean and gleaming we started with the XPEL film installation. All of the edges were wrapped and tucked. This made the install truly invisible. We then applied the XPEL film to the bumper. The customer wanted the traditional stripes you see on a lot of Mini’s. We took it a step further by custom cutting the stripes using the new XPEL Color Film. This film currently comes in gloss black, matte black, and gloss white. When installed by one of our professionals, it looks like paint. Most vinyl decals look like a sticker and will fade within a year or two. XPEL Color Film will last for a minimum of five years.

After the Xpel film was installed, we began the application of the Opti-Coat Pro. This is done one panel at a time Opti-CoatPro1to ensure the product applies evenly, has proper bonding time, and creates maximum gloss.

The customer now has a well protected Mini Cooper S with a 10 year warranty from XPEL and a 5 year warranty from Optimum.

Xpel black film used for the hood stripes