Ford Superduty

Completely Detailed, Hail Dents Removed And Paint Protected With Nanolex Si3D

San Antonio- Recently one of the owners of the Linex store on Bandara Rd brought us a 2012 Ford F-350 Superduty he just purchased. The truck only had 32000 miles on it. However it was used in the oil fields and looked rough.

Paint Correction

We started with a thorough hand wash followed with a decontamination wash. The decontamination wash removed the iron ferries metals that bond to the paint over a period of time making it feel rough. After we clayed the paint to remove any organic materials that were stuck on the paint.

Paint Polishing !/2 !/2

The next step for the exterior was to correct the paint. Some people call buffing or polishing. It’s both of these, however Just buffing or polishing the paint one time with a machine won’t make the paint look its best. When you have paint that is as badly scratched as this Ford you need to do it in steps. The first step is to compound the paint. This removes a very thin layer of the clear coat leveling the paint and eliminating the deep scratches. You could stop here but then you would be left with swirl marks. You could use a glaze or wax to hide these but after a few washes they start to show. The next step for our correction is the polishing process. This removes the swirls from the paint left behind during the compounding step. The final step is a finishing polish. This is when the gloss really starts to show in the paint. This 3 step process is time consuming and most car washes, mobile detailers or production detail shops in town don’t offer it.

Paintless Dent Repair

NanolexThe hood and sides of the truck had slight hail damage from a recent storm. We repaired the damage using the latest pointless dent repair process. This process repairs the dents without the need to use fillers or repainting. When its done you have your factory finish and the repair is undetectable.

Paint Coating

With the paint correction process finished it was time for another hand wash to remove any polishing oils. We do this in preparation for any of the coatings we offer. Having clean oil free paint allows for proper bonding of the semipermanet coat witch in this case is Nanolex Si3D from Germany. The paint coatings we offer give added gloss to the paint and produce a hydrophobic barrier allowing dirt and rain water to be easily washed off the paint.

Interior Detail

The interior detail was no easy task with dirt mud and spilled drinks. We use the latest in Vapor Cleaning technology to make interiors look as new and sanitary as possible. When we finished every thing was conditioned with a water based UV interior protectant. The customer wanted to upgrade the interior and had a local shop install leather seats replacing the factory cloth covers.

If you interest in having a professional detail done to your vehicle stop by the shop for a free evaluation.

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