How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Dent With Paintless Dent Repair?

This is the question every one asks when calling or stopping by our shop. Pricing for door ding/paintless dent repair can vary widely. Concours Auto Salon has a system in place that we feel is fair and a consistent way for us to charge.

Above is a measuring guide we use.

To estimate your price for paintless dent repair is simple. Measure the largest diameter of the dent. It’s best if you do this with a light source angled at a 45 degree away from the dent.

Concours Auto Salon Dent Repair Pricing Guide

Concours Auto Salon Dent Repair Pricing Guide 

We placed a quarter in the center of the dent to give you a size reference. This dent would cost 129.00 to repair with our paintless dent repair method. Depending on where the dent is located we may have to remove things like interior trim panels, tail lights/headlights and hood liners.   These are small additional charges that may come up in your estimate. Additional charges may also be added if the dent falls on a body line of your vehicle.

Come by the shop for your free PDR (painless dent repair) pricing guide to keep in your glove box. Next time you get a ding or dent you’ll be able to figure out how much the repair is going to cost. You can also share it with friends and show them just how cost-effective our painless dent repair service is.