2017 Tesla Model S P100D

Gets The Ultimate Protection Wrap

Welcome back to another one of our blog post.

Today we will share with you a Tesla Model S P100D painted in Deep Blue Metallic that came in for a full paint protection film body wrap and window tinting. Now if your not familiar with paint protection film (also known as clear bra) it’s a clear film that is designed to protect your paint from damaging chips. Most people have clear bra installed on the front portions of their vehicle to keep the rock hips from happening. Here at Concours we’ve taken it a little further. San Antonio roads are rough on cars and for some vehicles and customers it’s a huge benefit to wrap their entire vehicle.

Why wrap an entire car with clear bra? Well for starters most of the top brands have a self healing top coat. This top coat helps keep away those ugly swirl and hail scratches you see on cars in the direct sunlight, under Led lights and direct single incandescent bulbs. What does this mean? Well your car will stay swirl and scratch free. Now if someone happens to put a deep scratch in the film the cost to replace it would be a fraction of the amount to repaint and can be done in a day. This means you save time and money keeping your car looking its best.

Do you need to apply a ceramic coating to our clear bras? The answer is no. If you have Concours Auto Salon apply our premium brand of film (clear guard nano) we can save you over a 1000.00 from having to have this done. Our Premium brand has a nano coating infused in the self healing top coat. It will repel the dirtiest water you can splash on it. Dirt and debris rinse off with ease. This makes cleaning it a breeze. The top coat will actually reject just about any of the common brands of ceramic paint coatings like CQuartz.  Once installed it actually looks like a sheet of glass is covering your paint.

To understand all of your options we recommend you call or stop by the shop and let us hep you make a decision for your clear bra paint protection film application.

Check out this cool video and see just how great it looks!