Ferrari 488 GTB

Gets The Concours Protection Package

Recently one of our great customers brought us his new Ferrari 488 GTB for custom quality paint protection film. If your not familiar with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film  it’s a 8mil thick clear film  that protects vehicles from all kinds of environmental hazards. Once here we inspected the entire vehicle and one thing stood out to us. It was covered in light scratches and swirls. We advised the customer that if he really wanted it looking it’s best he should have the paint corrected and he agreed.

We moved the Ferrari into our wash bay for a good bath, decontamination wash and clay treatment. This will ensure that were working on pure paint and not polishing over bonded contaminates.

This is what the Ferrari paint looked like under the inspection light.

As you can see the paint was in pretty poor shape considering it was a new Ferrari.

So our plan was to repair the finish with a two step process using the latest in buffing machine and pad technology. We removed the swirls and light scratching with a solid heavy polishing step. Then refined the finish with a finishing polish step. This gave the paint an extreme about of gloss and reflectiveness.

After the paint correction we started the protection process. This included custom wrapping the complete hood, fenders mirrors and front bumper with the glossiest paint protection film on the market. As an added bonus this film is infused with a nano coating that repels water and dirt making cleaning the car a breeze. Once all the film work was finished we applied the sam type of nano coating technology to the paint giving it an increase in gloss as well.

Check out the video below that we produced  showing some great after shots of the Ferrari.