Porsche RSR Look

Applied To A Porsche GT3

The Porsche GT3 is an absolutely beautiful machine. The stance is perfect. The wheel design is just right. The exhaust placement gives it a tough look and those large openings in the front grill let you know this Porsche means business. So how could you improve on all this? Give it a little styling with some color that makes it look like racing art.

When this Porsche GT3 came to us it wasn’t just plane white. It had a tough black and white look. However this was really a 2 dimensional look. A look that has been used on just about every model car on the planet. The GT3 owner really liked the new RSR design and wanted to know if we could create this same stand out look for his street car.

A permanent option would be to paint the Porsche the style and color the customer wanted. However this would limit the Porsches potential for re sale in the future. The next best option was to recreate the look with Vinyl Film and why not. All the race cars you see on TV, at the track or in print are typically styled with vinyl film. It’s easy to replace if damaged and can totally be removed in the event the car will be sold or the owner decides he wants a new look.

To start the project we removed all the black film and decals from the vehicle. The lights badges and bumpers were removed so that the vinyl could be tucked and wrapped in these tight areas.

Dickhead Vinyl wrapper

Applying the vinyl to the Porsche GT3 was no easy task. Its much easier to apply one color to an entire panel than doing swoops and curves in layers as we did. All we really had to work with were a few pictures to recreate this design. Many mockups were done and several different measurements taken before the final design was laid down.

The end result is nothing short of stunning. This Porsche GT3 will turn the head of the blindest eye and will give the true car enthusiast whiplash as it speeds by on our local roads.

GT3 Vinyl wrap
GT3 vinyl wrap san antonio