Save $100.00 On Window Tint

With summer right around the corner wouldn’t you like to beat the heat and save some cash at the same time?

Window tinting your vehicle is more than just a glamour or styling service. It’s a necessary product that will preserve your cars interior, keep you cooler while driving and give you added privacy. Tint films are so advanced now that you can have UV and iR protection with only the slightest amount of shading so light, that it looks clear.

On many vehicles, the rear glass may come from the factory with what looks like tint. Typically, this is not UV or iR rejection tint. It is primarily designed for added privacy and light diffusion. Another consideration is the front windshield. The front windshield is usually the largest piece of glass on your vehicle allowing the most heat inside your vehicle because it is not designed to reject heat. We at Concours Auto Salon have film that is designed to do just that, reject heat.

To help you beat the heat this summer, we at Concours Auto Salon are offering a summer special. When you purchase XPEL XR window film for your entire vehicle we will give you $100.00 off the regular price*.

XPEL window tint, both the CS and XR films have a lifetime national warranty. They are both color stable, meaning they will not fade or turn purple. Both films are signal friendly and will not interfere with Bluetooth, gates or garage remotes. Both films have a 99% UV rejection and the XPEL XR film has the added benefit of iR (infrared rejection) properties. That means you will feel less heat (iR rays) on your skin as you drive. XPEL warranty will replace any film at no charge to you if you experience any color change in your film.

This is a limited time offer so call us to make your appointment soon!

(* Same day on all installation required to receive special pricing)