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Review STEK Films Gloss Black Paint Protection Film

Did you know Paint Protection Film now comes in gloss black?

You may have noticed, in the last couple of years, more and more cars on the road with black roofs. These could come from the vehicle manufacturer like this. Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover Ferrari and now Ford offer this as standard or an option. However, It’s been a customization trend that started over a decade ago. Most people use glossy and matt vinyl to achieve this look. From a distance, it looks really awesome. However up close it’s a different story. It has a fake almost plastic look to it. Reflections are not sharp like paint. Painting a roof or other trim pieces is not quickly reversible and is very costly. Most people accept vinyl for what it is.

Today Concours Auto Salon has a better option. The STEK Dyno Gloss Black Film. This film is 8 mils thick self-healing protective solution. It has a gloss that looks as good or better than your paint. It’s stretchable and will form to most simple curves and turns. STEK offers an 8-year nationwide warranty for this film against manufacture defects of failures.

We applied this film to all types of vehicles, from Mustangs, the Ferrari pictured above to BMW’s Audi’s (like the one in the video) and many more cars and car parts.

Check out this video to see just how awesome and glossy the STEK film is.