Standing Out With Custom Vinyl Applications

Vinyl wrapping and vinyl graphics are a way to create a whole new look for your car without it becoming permanent as paint would be. The owner of this GT3 Porsche wanted a bold but fairly simple race livery. As you can tell Avery Supreme wrapping film in Satin Black and Gloss Red we used for the main part of the wrap. All of the decals were printed in house on our state of the art Vinyl Painter.

These large graphics were applied in layers and a special tape called Knifeless Tape was used to cut it out on the car. Using this tape allowed us to kind of see how it was going to look before we even laid any vinyl down. Kind of like a sketch or line drawing before hand.

This Knifeless Tape has a kevlar string encased in it, and when snapped in a special way becomes exposed. When exposed it can be pulled through the Vinyl and will cut in any direction you have it laid on the car. Several adjustments were made before the final design. The EE, Spectrum Lighting and TE logos are all local San Antonio companies.

When you watch the video you’re able to see the subtle custom touches we added to the design. For instance, the back wing. From a distance, it looks satin black. Upclose you see the PORSCHE embossed in it.  The customer absolutely loved this. Youll also see a decal that says “This Side Up” on the roof of the car. It’s one of those little chuckle moments when you see it. To get the FT3 even more noticed on the track we added some STEK Films Yellow headlight film and smoke film to the front fog lights. It’s an amazingly glossy and clear film, perfect for this application.

We had an awesome time wrapping this car and really enjoy looking at the after shots of it. Hope you enjoy it as much to.