If you Start shopping around for Paint Protection Film for your new car youll notice that a lot of installers are offering various types of ceramic coatings for PPF (paint protection film). Even XPEL has come up with something of there own to offer.

Youll hear things like “it saves the film” or “it makes it harder to stain” and even “Bugs wont stick to it” It seams kind of strange doesnt it that we’ve now gotta protect the protection?

Well up until a year ago offering a ceramic coating on top of PPF was something we never did at Concours Auto Salon. That its until we started carrying Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro offers specfic products for diferant substarights on your vehicles interior and exterior. In the past the other ceramic coating suppliers would tell us to use one product on all surfaces. We found that this just didnt work so well. We felt that if if didn’t have a positive impact on the area we were trying to protect why would we waste our customers money waste our products and our time doing it.


People often ask if the warranty for the film is affected or voided when you apply this semipermanent product to it. The truth is we haven’t found a film manufacturer that said they wouldn’t warranty film with these types of product on them. SunTek and XPEL both have tested these types of products on their own films and have found no ill affects.


When you watch the video it’ll be clear who has the most actives (solids) that protect tithe film. In fact ill just tell you this. No other has tested their  product more than Ceramic Pro. They even won an award for the PPF and Vinyl Ceramic Coating. The video is 17 minutes long and spans a total of 16 days. Over two weeks!