Research shows that car steering wheels and interiors are teeming with bacteria – up to 700 potentially dangerous germs per square inch.

That’s roughly nine times as many germs as you might encounter on a public toilet seat, according to a written statement released in conjunction with the research.

Far too many of us treat our cars like second homes: We eat, drink, spill things and create piles of clutter inside.

Now stop and think about it. When was the last time you really gave your car a thorough cleaning on the inside? Most public restrooms are cleaned on a daily basis.  Think back to the last time you hopped into your car with a badIMG_0073 cold and sneezed, spreading germs throughout your car’s cabin. Did you bother to wipe down surfaces afterwards? Didn’t think so.

Germ Hot Spot #1: The steering wheel. You touch every thing with your hands then hop in the car and have to constantly hold the wheel. Have you looked closely at your steering wheel. You can see so much caked on dirt. Now look at your turn signal control or wiper controls.

Germ Hot Spot #2: Car Mats. Your shoes track in an array of bacteria from the ground. These germs burrow into the fibers of the mat and can contaminate anything they come into contact with. Anytime you drop a lipstick or some change and feel around on the mat, you risk contaminating yourself.

Germ Hot Spot #3: In Between the Seats. Kids (and adults) can drop food in between the seats, which can burrow into your car’s cracks and crevices. This dark, enclosed area becomes the perfect environment for growing bacteria.

Germ Hot Spot #4: Air Conditioning Vents. When humidity is high, particularly in the summer, water accumulates in the vents. This moisture allows fungi to bloom.

Germs run rampant all around us, including in our automobiles. Fortunately, there’s much you can do to keep those pesky little microbes in check.  We recommend that you have your interior professionally detailed every year. A professional shop like Concours Auto Salon understands the importance of doing the job right and protecting their customers health. If you have small children or use your vehicle for a Car Pool we recommend every three to six months.

Vapor Steam is one of the best ways to clean and sanitize your vehicles interior. We use the latest in vapor technology with the best cleaners that leave no residue behind. If necessary we also use Ozone technology to kill bacteria, germs and mold spores.