About Concours

Anthony Orosco and Ron Harris have been reconditioning and preserving vehicles just like yours for over 20 years.  We are very serious about our work and have a strong desire to be the very best in the auto detailing  and reconditioning industry.  We stand behind our work and craftsmanship 100% and have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout San Antonio and South Central Texas.

This is why meticulous people entrust their fine automobiles with Concours Auto Salon.  We strive to keep up to date on the latest tools, products and techniques in the detailing and reconditioning industry. Our goal is to preserve the beauty of your fine automobile with personal attention and the finest products available.

Anthony Orosco

Anthony Orosco

Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Environmentally Aware

Concours Auto Salon is a leader within the auto detailing industry in these areas:

  • Reduced water use – In 1989, during water restrictions in California, Anthony developed a waterless maintenance program for his clients. He would visit them 3 days a week and wipe their cars down with a quick detailer spray. Fast forward to 2005 Ron and Anthony along with Scott Hair, a detailer in Dallas, Texas, helped develop and test a product created by Optimum Polymer Technologies designed to efficiently and safely clean cars with as little as 1 gallon of water. Optimum No Rinse was born through these efforts and is making a difference in how detailers around the world wash and maintain their clients cars.
  • Reduced chemical use – Through the use of steam vapor Concours Auto Salon uses 80% less chemicals to clean leather, vinyl, carpets, upholstery, glass, road tar and gum. Anthony was one of the first detailers to implement the use of steam vapor and is still discovering its seemingly unending uses. It is now used to remove window tint and adhesives thus reducing the use of solvents.

Salon Concept

Concours Auto Salon is known as the “Salon for your car”. Why? Because Concours Auto Salon offers several beauty as well as preservation services and treatments for your car, just like a beauty salon. The combination of services at Concours Auto Salon will truly make your car “Look Smell And Feel Like New”

Services Offered:

                • Paint Protection Film
                • Paint Coatings
                • Window Tinting
                • Paintless Dent Repair/Hail Damage
                • In Depth Paint Correction Polishing
                • Wet Sanding
                • Stain Removal
                • Odor Removal
                • Wheel Repair

Does your car need a day (or maybe more) at the Concours Auto Salon? Contact the professionals at Concours Auto Salon today. Your car will love you for it!