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Your Cars Paint And The Defects It can Have

The thickness of the paint you see on your car is measured in microns, 1 micron is equivalent to one thousandth of a millimetre (1/1000mm). It’s comprised of three layers: Primer, Base Colour Coat and Clear Coat. The most common paintwork.

The first layer applied to the metal panel of a vehicle is primer. Primer is designed to make the panel uniform so as to allow the paint colour to be evenly applied to it. Primer on modern cars is thinner than it used to be owing to advances in panel stamping technology, meaning the panels are being supplied in better, more even condition. As a result primer thickness these days, while varying according to auto manufactures and individual plant operating processes, is usually between 8 microns and 38 microns.

Concours Auto Salon New Year Special

Any time is a good time. The best times however are leading into the winter months and the spring time. Detailing your car leading into the winter months allows the Nano Coating to protect your cars finish during the harsh months of the year while at it’s strongest level of protection. The spring time detail allows us to decontaminate the interior of germs and the exterior of road contaminates

Lexus RC 350 Protected With Modesta Paint Coatings

San Antonio Texas — Recently one of our regular customers stopped by the shop to show us his new Lexus RC 350 This is an absolutely beautiful car and draws stares from any on passing buy. The Lexus infrared metallic finish produces great gloss and is highly reflective. Our customer wanted to have the paint protected with a wax or sealant to keep it looking new and help aid in…

Corvette Z06 Gets Modesta and Fresh Xpel Protection Film

San Antonio — We applied Modesta P-01A primer to all the painted surfaces. It goes on like a polish. After setting up for a bit the excess is removed. We then waited the recommended time beforelogo starting the Modesta BC-04 application. This application is done with a wet applicator a wet microfiber towel and two dry ones. Doing sections at a time with the Modesta BC-04 you really start to see it add gloss and depth to the paint. one the car is coated it’s time to cure/harden the product

Protecting Your Car’s Paint with Opti-Coat Pro

Never wax your car again!

How many times have you heard that statement? Promises of protection from the elements and scratching that lasts as long as you own your car. Truth is, waxes wear and wash off becoming less and eventually non effective over time. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating actually makes it possible to never wax your car again. How? Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating is not a wax, in fact it provides 100 times the protection of wax in thickness alone. Too good to be true? We’ll show you why Opti-Coat is for you.

Opti-Coat is not a wax, then what is it?

Opti-Coat is a ceramic clear coat that is hard wearing. This provides greater surface protection from chemical etching that is caused by environmental factors, as well as vastly improved resistance to scratching. Opti-Coat creates a constant shielding barrier by cross linking directly to the paint it is applied to. Compared to any automotive paint protection coating available today, Opti-Coat has superior release properties, scratch and mar defense as well as chemical resistance. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating provides a perpetual Opti-Coat Honda defensive barrier available for all contemporary factory paints.

Why is Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating different from anything else on the market?


Tests performed on other paint protecting products show a measurement of less than .02 microns of wax coating. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating has measured up to 2 microns of thickness. That is 100 times as thick as other paint protection products with only a single layer. This thick coating allows Opti-Coat to efficiently defend against damage that affects current factory paint finishes. The factory paint is preserved by the harder ceramic coating, decreasing minor scratches and swirl marks as well. Factory clear coating is susceptible to damage caused by environmental factors such as bird droppings or lime. The acidic properties of these environmental factors break down the factory clear coat leaving your vehicle defenseless. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating is impervious to these environmental factors, preventing erosion and etching, giving you a clean, shiny, undamaged coating. Opti-Coat is not a sealant or wax for paint; they wash off and degrade over time. Opti-Coat creates a permanent bond with the factory coating, perpetually defending the surface without washing off or dissolving.

Do I need Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating?

Yes! Your vehicle is an investment. After purchasing a new car or having your car detailed is the optimal time to have Opti-Coat applied, maximizing the protection of your investment. You insure your home and your vehicle, take steps to protect your car’s expensive finish. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating will protect the factory coating of your car.

Spring Vehicle Cleaning And Dent Repair Service

Car Wash San AntonioMarch is the beginning of spring. Temperatures are starting to warm up. Daylight savings has gone into effect and the days are starting to become longer. Your car has accumulated all types of dust, dirt, grime and spills on the inside. You have mud and dirt caked outside and your paint is looking dull.

Will Clean Your Car Top To Bottom

Concours Auto Salon will remove all the stored garbage, papers, empty bottles and old coffee cups you have had from the winter. You might not realize how many objects you might have brought into your vehicle or

Auto Detailing and Shampoo interior

things that you thought you lost in seat cushions or under the seat. Then we will complete shampoo your car’s interior from top to bottom. Removing all the dirt grime and germs with our hot vapor steamer and hot water extraction machines. You leather will be cleaned and conditioned just like a Baseball player prepares his glove for spring training.

Outside will gently wash away the winter blues from your paint and chrome trim with a thorough decontamination wash. This will prepare the paint for a spectacular polishing job. The polishing will bring back that new car shine making you fall in love with it all over again. Wheels and tires won’t be forgotten and will receive special treatment as well.

Finding Dents In Your Car

Gloss-coat paint coating san antonioSometimes after a car’s restored to like new condition small dings and dents become visible. This is not a problem. Concours Auto Salon’s expert paintless dent repair tech has been repairing dings and dents for over a decade here in San Antonio. In as little as 30 minutes those minor bumps and dents can be removed without the need for paint or body fillers.

April showers bring may flowers. However they won’t wash away the dirt from winter. Don’t wait for the rain to stop. Get your car cleaned at Concours Auto Salon and watch the raindrops dance on the paint.