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After writing this post I learned that Fred Frederick Vice President of the San Antonio Mustang Club and the person who snapped all the pictures of this event, passed away. More information about his passing can be found here.

On Saturday May 21st Concours Auto Salon hosted a clinic for the San Antonio Mustang Club and the Shelby Club. The event took place from 10:00 am till 12:00pm. The clinic was a great success! The purpose was to help further san antonio auto polishingeducate members of the clubs on proper care for the paint finish on  their cars.

Anthony started the event explaining what different types of environmental damage happen to vehicles finishes and what causes it. Anthony then  explained the difference between paint swirls, halos and paint marring.  An abused 2001 BMW M5 was used for the demonstration. After the identification process Anthony talked about the different compounds and polishes available to correct these problems. He gave a demonstration with the rotary buffer showing what could and couldn’t be repaired. Then offered to let the attendees operate the different buffers.

Waxes and paint sealants were the final topic of discussion during the education session. Anthony explained different waxes on the market and how they could be applied. He supplied 8 different waxes, paint sealants and paint coating systems for the attendees to touch smell and apply.

After the education secession Ron pulled two different mustangs into the shop to demonstrate  the different Paint Less Dent Repair process. He explained what the different tools were used for and how. A black Shelby GT500  with a door ding on the body line in the passenger door was the first dent repaired. Ron chose this car because the owner told Ron that his friends and family said that paintless dent repair couldn’t fix this because it was on the body line. He lived with this dent for over a year. The attendees were very surprised when Ron had 90% of the dent repaired in 5 minuets.  He then spent another 10 minuets finishing the dent to the point that no one could tell where it was.

The second dent for the demonstration was in the C pillar of a black Mustang Gt. This ding was a candidate for the Concours Auto Salon glue pulling paintless dent repair process. Ron explained what the different tabs do, types of dents there used for and the glue. Ron showed how the two different tools used to pull operate. One being a Mini Lifter and the other a Slide Hammer.

Every one who attended had a great time  and enjoyed food and drinks provided by Concours Auto Salon. Anthony and Ron hope to do this again soon for other car clubs in San Antonio.





Concours Auto Salon is now a proud sponsor of the monthly gathering called Coffee and Rides.

Coffee And Rides has been taking place since 2009 and is a once a month event taking place on the last Saturday of every month . It takes place from 8:30 am till 11:00 am. It has gone from a small group of people and theirSan antonio Coffee and Rides cars to an event that has at times had over 200 cars in attendance. If you want to see Ferraris, Lambos and Porsches they will be there. You will also find many of the San Antonio car clubs there as well. Clubs like the Z Club, The Mustang Club, The Ferrari Club, The Porsche Club Longhorn Region and many more. Old cars, new cars, odd and rare you can just about find it all in a very relaxed atmosphere.

We welcome all drivers to gather in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the meet, drink some coffee, kick the tires and just relax.  There are always all kinds of cars for everyone to enjoy.  So bring the family,  a friend or come out on your own and meet some fellow car folks.

Concours Auto Salon will be in attendance to show case customers cars, make new friends and share our knowledge with any one who is in interested in listening and learning. See you there!

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Concours Auto Salon would like to thank all of our customers who contributed reports to Angie’s List.  You have helped us earn the Super Service Award! Only 5% of the company’s listed earn this award!super Service award for auto detailing and paintless dent repair san antonio

We earned this award for our Auto Detailing and Paintless Dent Repair services that we offer to residents of San Antonio.

The Super Service Award is earned by companies that achieve and maintain a superior service record on Angie’s List. In order to be eligible, a company must:

  • Obtain a set minimum # of reports in each eligible category during the Reporting Period*.
  • Maintain a minimum Member Rating in each of the following areas:
  • Total Overall Grade: the grade point average of all member reports must be 3.5 (A).
  • Current Grade: the average of all member reports in a particular eligible category during the last 3 years must be 3.5 (A).
  • Reporting Period Grade: the necessary average of all member reports in a particular category during the Reporting Period* depends upon the number of reports a company has received, and follows the below scale.
  • 3-4 reports – 3.75
  • 5-7 reports – 3.67
  • 8 or more reports – 3.5
  • Must be in good standing with Angie’s List

February’s Car of the month is this yellow 2006 Porsche Cayman S.

porsche auto detail san antonio

Bumble Bee Cayman

The San Antonio local brought us the car with the hopes we could visual change a few things and perform one of our signature auto details making the Porsche standout a little more and personalize it to the owners taste.

Normally covered and only visible during service the 3.4-liter version of Porsche’s M96 flat-six engine family from the Boxster and the 911 is tweaked to deliver 295 hp and 255 lb-ft of torque and is something the owner wanted detailed painted and a clear engine cover installed.  We also added some hidden lighting in the engine bay for displaying the detailed work at night time.

engine detailing sanantonio

Cayman Motor with clear cover installed

The interior originally gray and black was updated.  The seats and center console were removed striped and refinished to match the speed yellow color of the exterior of the Cayman.  Xpel Carbon Film was applied to the back of the seats, shifter bezel and to a large trim piece located just behind the engine bay.

Outside the Cayman the paint received one of Concours Auto Salon’s signature 4 step paint corrections.  The process removes all swirls, light scratches and halos leaving the paint work crystal clear, glossy and  ready for wax or a paint sealant.  Concours Auto Salon added some LED lighting to the front of the Cayman creating white driving lights and

custom interior detailing san antonio

Detailed Interior

amber turn signals.  At the back of the Cayman we tint

ed the tail lights to keep with the black and yellow Bumble Bee look and applies more of Xpel’s Carbon Film to the spoiler.

The modifications Concours Auto Salon performed combined with the blacked out wheels, black stripes, the carbon fiber mirrors, perfectly polished paint and detailed interior really make the Cayman a head turner.

To see the pictures in a larger format. Just click on them!

car seat detailing and cleaning san antoniolighted engine detailing

Recently we had a customer come to the shop with a black Range Rover.  The owner wanted a price for scratch removal.  We walked out to inspect the vehicle thinking we would be looking at some minor scratches in the side.

Badly Scratched Range Rover Hoodsomewhere.

To our surprise the entire vehicle’s finish was scratched.  Top to bottom front to back. after asking the owner some questions he revealed that their professional landscaper (Gardner) had been caring for the vehicle.

When it comes to service providers you need to look for and hire a qualified person or company to do the work necessary. Your not going to hire a Gardner to give you a manicure are you?  Or your Barber to repair your air conditioning unit?  No!  So when it comes to regular care and maintenance of your vehicles appearance why do people think this is such a simple task that any one with a bucket of soapy water and some rags is qualified to do the job?

This Range Rover required several hours and cost several hundred dollars to correct the finish and make it look new again.  Could you have the same service done at your local car wash?  Probably not and most self

Scratched Fender Before

titled professional detailers in San Antonio don’t have the experience and time to do this type of work.  Not even the shop’s that advertise $70.00 details.  However Concours Auto Salon repairs this type of damage on a daily basis for customers from all parts of San Antonio. It’s not just a service we provide for the elite crowd either. We preform this service fo owners with cars ranging from Honda’s, Maserati’s, VW’s to Ferrari’s. Every one likes a clean shiny car and when you pay someone to make it look this way you would expect it to last right?

The process to correct this paint finish was done in four steps. After a through wash we clayed the paint to remove any foreign contaminates.   Then the correction process began.

  1. Using a rotary buffer wool pad and a compound we removed all of the heavy scratches.
  2. Rotary buffer again with an aggressive polishing pad and polish to start eliminating the swirls left behind from the wool pad and compound.
  3. Rotary buffer with a finishing pad and a polish.
  4. A dual action polisher was used with a soft foam pad and a finishing polish to remove any trace of wispy swirls that may have been left behind from the rotary polishing steps.

What we had left behind was a glass like finish that just needed to be sealed for protection.  We applied a product called Opti-Seal to do the job .

The customer was very pleased to say the least and I’m sure won’t be having the

Fender completely polished Wow

Gardner maintain their vehicles for them in the future.

Range Rover Detailed By Concours Auto Salon San Antonio

Front-engine, grand-touring machines have a fairly specific pecking order, and the 599 is already on top, trumping most of its competitors in power, handling and looks.  This 2010 Ferrari painted Nero Black with black leather interior, highlighted with red stitching and carbon fiber accents was recently at Concours Auto Salon.  Standard features for this 599 are a 4 Cam 12 cylinder power plant producing  611 hp!  Transmission is the F1 super fast sequential 6 speed. Carbon ceramic brakes are used to slow this Prancing stallion.  Additional upgrades provided by the factory are red calipers polished challenge rims and a Bose HiFi sound system.

To see touch and feel this beautiful Ferrari in person is a treat to say the least.  The owner brought us the 599 looking to have it protected with Paint Protection Film (clear bra) window film and give the paint a top notch polish.

Services Done

Xpel Premium Paint protection Film was applied to the entire front bumper with an Xpel’s bikini kit  applied to the fenders and hood.  We also applied Paint Protection Film to the lower rockers, wheel openings and door edges.  We installed  Johnson window tint to the side glass as well as a one piece installation to the back window. The final step for the Ferrari was to have the paint polished. We preformed a three step process to remove scratches and residual sanding marks left behind by the Ferrari Factory.

Concours Auto Salon San Antonio truly appreciates the opportunity to provide our services to the owner of this fine vehicle.

The owner of this super clean Honda S2000 Wanted to treat his wife to a really nice detail and repair a few parking lot scars in the form of door dings.  Concours Auto Salon San Antonio was up for the challenge.

The car was washed and motor compartment cleaned.  After the wet work was finished the paint was completely clayed.  This removes any contaminants that have bonded to the paint over time.  The paint was then compounded with Optimum hyper compound and a wool pad.  This removed the heavy scratches and halos.  The next step was swirl removal this was done with the compound and a medium foam pad.  The final polish was done with an orbital a medium pad and Menzerna micro polish.  We sealed the paint with Optimum Opti-Seal for added protection.

The interior was detailed using a vapor steamer and mild leather and vinyl cleaners .  Carpets were shampooed with steam and a product called traffic clean.

The final step was to remove those door dings that now after the paint was at a high gloss showed much more.

As you can see the car looks stunning and the customer was really excited to get it home to surprise his wife

2011 is here San Antonio! Alot of people including get that new car itch about this time of the year.  The dealers are offering all kinds of sweet sounding deals and some of the new models look amazing.  The new Ford Mustang Gt with the 5.0 motor is what I’ve been eying.  The cautious people will be wondering what the future of our economy will be and are willing to hang on to their older vehicle that is paid for or about to be paid off.  What ever decision you choose Concours auto salon can restore, preserve and protect your vehicle.

If you chose to purchase a “New Car” Concours Auto Salon offers Xpel paint protection film to preserve and protect the front of your new vehicle from rock chips and sand blasting.  Paint protection film (clear bra) can be applied to almost any area of the vehicle but is common on the front portion of the hood, fenders and mirrors as well as the bumper. The new film that Xpel just released looks great and is hardly detectable.  Of course you will want your windows tinted. You purchased a cool car  why not make it look a little cooler and feel cooler inside with some professionally installed Johnson Window Film.  If you want more protection for your paint then just a wax you should consider having Concours Auto Salon apply Optimum Polymer Technology’s “Opti-Coat” 3 Year Paint Sealant. It truly protects the paint for up to 3 years and never needs waxing.  The key to getting the most out of your new car is to protect it so that it can give you years of service and look amazing while doing it and this is what all these products and services can do.

If you chose to hang onto that reliable paid for vehicle then you can still have that new car feeling with a complete makeover at Concours Auto Salon.  You can start with a complete detail that’s more then just a hand wash and hand wax.  Concours auto Salon offers the most comprehensive detail in San Antonio.  Compressed air, hot vapor steam and a chemical free extraction of all dirt and debris is how we clean and sanitize your interior.  Then your leather, plastic and vinyl pieces are treated with conditioners that provide UV protection.

The outside of you vehicle will be gently washed and clayed removing all dirt and contaminates readying it for some mild to hardcore polishing depending what you want done and what the vehicles paint needs.  After we have shined the paint to a just like new or better condition we will clean your windows, wheels, wheel wells, doorjambs and trunk.  We top off the whole job with a paint sealant that protects and locks in the new found shine your paint has for up to nine months.  Or you may want the added protection of the Opti-Coat.  What ever you chose your car will look amazing.

You can finish off the job by having all those door ding and small dings removed by our paintless dent repair experts. we also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our paintless dent repairs.

What ever you chose to do for transportation during the new year Concours Auto Salon can help you correct it and protect it making you car “Look Smell And Feel Like New” longer.

November’s car of the month is this beautiful BMW X5 M.  The customer upgraded the wheels with a set of stealth looking HRE’s in flat black. At the shop We added a custom Xpel Paint Protection film kit to protect the from from high speed rock chips.  We also cleaned, polished and protected the paint with Optimum Polymer Technology’s Opti- Coat 3 Year coating system.

The customer chose The X5M over the Porsche Cayenne due o the performance and cost difference of the vehicles.  The X5 M giving him the most bang for the buck.

BMW’s X5 received a complete redesign a couple of years ago, growing a bit and really coming into its own as the leader of the luxury SUV segment.  The M Sport bits go well here, BMW carries over the M theme from its 3 and 5 series, leaving the exterior of the car mostly unchanged and highlighted by tasteful M bits rather than being over burdened by too many sporty design details.
The X5 M is powered by a newly-developed 4.4-liter V8 M engine delivering 555 hp at 6,000 rpm and 500 lb-ft of torque from 1500 to 5,650 rpm. This new M engine is the world’s first with a pulse-tuned exhaust manifold encompassing both rows of cylinders combined with high-performance twin-scroll twin turbo technology.

The X5 M sets new standards of acceleration, lateral grip, steering response, balance, and stopping power among high-performance activity vehicles. It accelerate to 60 mph from a standstill in 4.5 seconds and feature impressive delivery of power from the V8 twin-turbo engine which provides maximum torque of 500 lb-ft from 1,500 and 5,650 rpm.  From a handling standpoint, it’s superb balance through careful tuning of XDrive, Dynamic Performance Control, and Dynamic Stability Control with M Dynamic Mode for linear buildup of cornering forces.  These capabilities place the performance of the X5 M on par with the performance of other recent BMW M vehicles.

The interior sports 20 way power seats, a really impressive back up cameras system that gives you an overhead view with the help of 3 cameras. It also surprisingly quiet inside.  The M is equipped with BMW’s Featured for the first time on a BMW M model, the 6-speed M Sports Automatic transmission enhances the high-performance character of the BMW X5 M through its instantaneous response, direct connection to the engine, and a high degree of shifting comfort.  The new M Sports Automatic is commanded by an electronic selector on the center console and offers the driver not only the Drive mode, but also Sport and M Manual modes for absolute control of gear selection.

It was a pleasure working on this vehicle and the customers continued support of our shop is greatly appreciated.

This article was recently published on the Auto Detailing Network!

When you’re looking around the information super highway it can become very confusing when looking for automotive services. It’s even more difficult if you’re the proud owner of an Exotic vehicle. Tires and maintenance can be as simple as setting an appointment with the local Ferrari Aston Martin or Porsche Dealer. But when it comes to something as simple as a hand wash or detailing work for your baby it can get confusing. If you do an Internet search for exotic auto detailing and washing you would think you could pinpoint a couple of companies that work on these types of vehicles. What you will come up with is many choices and companies that claim to work on exotics especially if you live in a large metropolitan area. Just because there is a picture of a Lamborghini doesn’t mean they have ever worked on one. This article is intended to help you narrow it down a bit. The comments and suggestions in this article come from over 20 years of experience working on these types of vehicles.

If you think about it exotic vehicles have made significant advance in the last 30 years. Interiors have become much nicer with soft glove type leather, exotic woods and carbon fiber pieces that trim every thing out. You even have lighted door sills, electronics, navigation and information screens that make you feel like you’re sitting in a fighter jet. With interiors like these do you really want just any one spraying cleaners and conditioners every where? Out side the vehicle you have much nicer paint finishes some done by hand with claims to self healing like the Nissan GTR. More carbon fiber pieces and panels are being used out side the vehicles. Even special ceramic composite brakes or CCBs are becoming more common and are a $10,000 option on a lot of exotics these days. These advancements come from racing technology so do you think any one that calls them selves a detailer is qualified to handle one of these cars? I have witnessed people trying to just move one of these vehicles and they can’t figure out how to put the car in reverse or even start one up. This statement may sound strange to the person driving a mini van however if you own a vehicle with the F1 racing style transmissions you know what it is I’m talking about.

We won’t be getting technical with this article. It’s going to be simple. The Internet is full of articles that break down the detailing process and are product specific. You really don’t want to get hung up on products and process. When you find the right Detailer or Reconditioning shop they will know just what to do. Your going to want to stay away from the Car Washes and high volume Detailers and Shops. These types of business tend to use products that are cost effective and give them good results across the board. They won’t necessarily give your car the finish that it is deserving of. The company you will choose will correct the problems you car is experiencing and then protect it. These cars are looked at by these type of shops as cream puffs. They really aren’t. We spend more time polishing a super car then we do the mini van or daily driver in our shop. These type of cars need to be flawless and is why you need to find someone who understands this and has a good eye for every little detail. Look at the Ferrari F430. The designers understand that the motor is a work of art work. Why else would they place a piece of glass over the top of it for people to see it. You need someone who will clean and polish the motor bay just as well as the exterior or interior of the vehicle right down to the stainless steel hose clamps and exhaust system.

There are several different ways to find a qualified detailer to pamper you vehicle. You can start with the internet. Just remember that it’s easy for some one to make a website and showcase high line automobiles. If you attend local car shows you can ask the owners who are showing their cars that they would or are using for their detail work. Or you can call the dealer they may have a good recommendation for you. You may even have a local Car Club with owners of cars similar to yours that meet up and go on drives. These clubs will and should have a couple of good recommendations for you.

Your biggest concern first should be is… if the company I hire has insurance. Business liability insurance. You would be surprised how many do not. Accidents happen you should be protected. Ask for it! If they don’t have it then you don’t want them working on your vehicle period. Second should be references. Can they provide them? If they are as good as they say they are then it shouldn’t be that hard for them to provide you with one or two. It’s really easy for a person to be educated or Internet smart when it comes to detailing. It cant take the place of true experience and training. If their working out of a fixed location you can stop by and see first hand what type of work and vehicles they work on. San Antonio Texas isn’t a hot spot for exotic or high end cars like Southern California is but you will find two or three there being worked on all the time at our shop. Third should be the amount of time the person has been in business. The longer they have been business means the more experience the person should have. Something else to consider is do you want the work to be done on your property or at a reconditioning shop. This is up to you and you’re level of comfort with someone working in your garage making a mess or leaving you vehicle at a shop out of your site. You’re going to want the company you chose to have all the equipment necessary to do the job you desire. Like buffers steamers extractors etc. If you want the wheels taken off the car so the fender wells and brakes can be detailed then they should have a lift or jacks and jack stands to do the job. They should also know where the jack points are on you vehicle.

Prices will vary from one region to the next. If you’re looking for a high level of expertise then you must be willing to pay a premium for it. Depending on the condition of your vehicle and what you want done you can expect to pay from $400.00 to over $1000.00 You can expect the job to take any where from 1/2 a day to up to 3 days again depending on what it is you want done.