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Concours Auto Salon’s “October Car Of The Month” is this stunning orange 1973 Porsche 911.

1973 Porsche

The orange color really ties in with the pumpkin theme this month.

The owner brought the car to us in really great condition.  He wasn’t looking for a full detail like most of our customers but  wanted a general clean up with a good hand waxing.  He was going to show the car at the local “Cars And Coffee”  held in the Vineyard shopping center on Blanco and 1604. He felt that a little extra shine from Concours Auto Salon would really help the car show well.

Concours Auto Salon washed the entire vehicle with Optimum’s No Rinse washing system.  Applied a special hand glaze and finally hand applied Zymol Concours paste wax.  These two products were applied over the entire vehicle including the door jambs as well as under the front trunk and engine cover.  All the chrome was polished with Optimum Metal Polish and tires were dressed with Optimum Tire Shine.

All that was necessary for the interior was a good vacuum and a wipe down of all the hard and soft surfaces.

The specs for the Carrera are as follows.

Porsche Interior

  • 1973 T Non Sunroof Coupe
  • Factory Tangerine color (2323)
  • 2.7 Mechanical Fuel injected RS spec Motor (7R case) with RS MFI Pump
  • 4 Factory 911 R wheels just refinished in original 911R livery with new rubber
  • Gearbox built by Jeff Gamroth with Quaiff LSD with Wevo shifter
  • Bilstein HD shocks with 21mm front and 27 mm rear drilled torsion bars
  • Upgraded SC brakes with cool kit and all new pads
  • Interior contains RS Lightweight style carpet and door panels with ST seats, vinyl with cord inserts
  • 10K tach with Momo steering wheel with correct (vintage) Momo hub
  • Refinished perfect  hood crest

    1973 Porsche Fuel Injection

Carrera 911

The fact that this Porsche has an RS 6 cylinder motor with working mechanical fuel injection sets it apart from regular Porsche’s from 1973 and the European bumpers give it a really clean look.

All of us at Concours Auto Salon would like to thank the owner for allowing and trusting us to work on his vehicle.

October 14th has come and gone.  If you didn’t make it to Concours Auto Salon and meet Mike Phillips From Autogeek and the other fantastic people in attendance you missed out.

From left to right Ron Mike and Anthony

It was picture perfect auto detailing weather in San Antonio.  The air was cool and guest began showing up early at 6:30 pm.  We had a couple of long haul attendees Marco from Corpus Christi and Cosmin from Austin.  Soft Drinks fruit and Pizza were served to any one who was hungry.  When Mike showed up I was really surprised to see him just walk up to people, introduce himself and start talking shop! What a “Car Geek”

Roger, one of our guest surprised Mike with a David Robinson Jersey.  When Mike returned home he promptly hung it on the wall of his office for all to see.  We really like Roger and his generosity toward mike is just a small sample of his kindness and big heart.

Mike was kind enough to share the things he and autogeek had been doing for Operation Comfort here in San Antonio.  Mike told quite a few stories about his life experiences the vehicles he has owned and how he was hired to work for Meguiars and the other big name company’s that have tried to hire him.  I really think that mike is in the perfect place now as the front man for Autogeek.  With all the great projects mike was telling us about it sounds like you will see him more often promoting the  quality products offered at autogeek.net on your local cable channels.

Every one had a great time talking cars, detailing them and making new friends.  It’s nice to share and listen to others peoples experiences detailing cars and seeing the wonderful work they preform on their personal vehicles.

Anthony and I would like to thank each and every person for coming to our humble shop.  Your all welcome to come back and hang out any time you want.  We may do some type of detailing clinic after the first of the year so stay connected with us via the concours website or our facebook page.

If you would like to see some pictures of the event go to autogeek.net Mike was kind enough to post some there.

You change your oil and have your car serviced by a mechanic on a regular basis. So… why not have your cars paint finish cared for by a professional shop like Concours Auto Salon San Antonio

It’s no surprise that regular maintenance of your cars finish will help keep it looking newer longer.  Proper care and maintenance will increase it’s sale or trade in price when the time come to get a new vehicle.

What is the importance professional cleaning and polishing?
Over the past decade, car manufacturers have developed different paint systems to improve durability. In the 1980’s domestic cars had conventional finishes, that is, a pigmented enamel coat on top of the primer. Today, 96% of all new cars have a base coat/clear coat finish, which is comprised of a thin color coat covered by a clear acrylic or enamelProper matinance of your car's paint urethane coat. This clear coat finish is only 2 mils thick—about the thickness of an ordinary plastic trash bag. Daily wear and tear on a car’s clear coat finish may leave it with swirl marks or signs of oxidation. To the eye, it means a dull and hazy looking appearance. This is sometimes referred to as “clear coat haze.” The professionals at Concours Auto Salon understand and know when it is necessary to polish the haze of halos and swirls away and then protect the finish with a high quality wax.

Why should I have my car cleaned and polished?
Your car’s finish provides more than beauty. It protects the metal from corrosion.  Over time, a car’s paint erodes due to the effects of sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt, dirt, and air pollution.  Have your car polished and waxed every 6 months at Concours Auto Salon. More frequent waxes are needed if your car is red, black or white because these colors are more susceptible to acid rain and UV rays.

Frequent washing (once a week) and vehicle polishing (once every 6 months) go a long ways towards protecting your investment. Keeping your vehicle consistently clean clears away the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that may attack your car’s finish. In areas of the country that experience the use of road salt in winter months, frequent washing can also reduce the corrosive effects of salt that cause body rust-through.

One of the most critical times to wash your vehicle is immediately after a rainfall because of the ill effects of acid rain. Even though the water evaporates, the acid stays behind and can eat into your vehicle’s finish. While you may not be able to prevent acid rain, you can prevent it from ruining your vehicle’s finish by frequent washing and polishing.

Foreign materials like tar, tree sap, and acid rain can stain newer paint finishes. The longer these sit on the car’s surface, the more difficult they become to remove and the more likely they are to cause damage. If you see any signs of this bring your car to Concours Auto Salon as soon a possible.

On October 14th from approximately 7:00pm to 10:00pm Mike Phillips from AutoGeek.net will be at Concours Auto Salon. Mike will be in San Antonio, Texas teaching an Advanced Class for Operation Comfort for their Automotivatoin Program.  This will be an informal gathering and a chance to meet people from the San Antonio area who have the same passion for cars as your self.

Mike Phillips is a world famous auto enthusiast and automotive finish care expert and has several how to videos available for viewing on the autogeek.net youtube channel.  Mike can also be seen on the Speed Channels Two Guyssmooth paint concours auto salon Garage and Autogeeks Show Car Garage.

This will be a casual time for meeting and greeting old and new friends. There will be machine polishers Vapor Steamers and everything related to detailing on hand. Mike, Anthony or Ron will be glad to answer any questions, share tips and show techniques for detailing cars. Ron will be providing Paintless Dent Removal demonstrations for any one interested in this.

Mike, Anthony and Ron love meeting new people and talking cars and detailing so if you live in the area come on over to Concours Auto Salon and say hi.

If you need directions or any further information use the contact us page for a map of the location or a phone number to Concours Auto Salon.

Food and beverages will be on hand.

2010 Car Show

Presents Its Biggest Car Show Ever
The 29th Annual Charity Open Car Show October 24, 2010

Concours Auto Salon again is a proud sponsor of the San Antonio Mustang Club annual charity car show.
With over 400 cars in attendance last year you can bet this years show will be as big or bigger. This show is a family event with free admission.  We encourage you to bring your kids.

All proceeds will go to the Dare To Love  organization.
Dare to Love is a non-profit organization with a mission to enrich the lives of abused and neglected children referred to Child Protective Services (CPS) with gifts, hope and love. Established in 1991, Dare to Love works in partnership with Child Protective Services’ caseworkers to assist needy children.  Dare to Love provides funds for CPS children to attend summer school, tutoring, and also to purchase special clothing/shoes, pay athletic fees, and meet other special needs.

Concours Auto Salon will have some special cars on display for your enjoyment!

The show will be held at the Bass Pro Shop upper and lower parking lot.  Come by our booth say high and meet the entire Concours Auto Salon family.

For more information abut the show and an entry form follow this link.