Concours Auto Salon San Antonio is now a designated Ceramic Pro Auto Spa. To achieve this status shops must be licensed, insured, show integrity and professionalism, reach application benchmarks and continuously represent ceramic pro in a positive way.

Any time is a good time. The best times however are leading into the winter months and the spring time. Detailing your car leading into the winter months allows the Nano Coating to protect your cars finish during the harsh months of the year while at it’s strongest level of protection. The spring time detail allows us to decontaminate the interior of germs and the exterior of road contaminates

We started preparing the car for the Xpel film install by removing the headlight rings, Mini badge and windshield squirters from the hood. Then completed a decontamination wash and clayed the paint to ensure there were zero contaminants on the paint.


CS-II International Inc. offers an industry leading line of protective coatings that utilize cutting edge nanotechnology to safely and securely protect one of your most prized possessions. The company offers a series of coatings that we at Concours Auto Salon find to be the industry standard in paint protection, which is why we have chosen to apply CS-II brand products for our customers.

CS-II products have been used throughout Asia and Europe as the company provides customers with paint coatings that far surpass the competiton in terms of protection, appearance, and longevity. Now this same proven technology is available in the United States exclusively through select dealers and installers.

At Concours Auto Salon, we look for a protective coatings that match our standard of quality and, after much research, have happily found meets our needs. We now proudly offer these products as an authorized installer to our valued customers who care about their cars just as much as we do.


Titanium Paint Coating

This is the finest automotive titanium coating on the planet in regards to car paint. CS-II Titanium Coating is the next generation of protective coating for automotive surfaces. The extremely long-lasting crystal coat acts as a protective armor against acid rain, bird droppings, road film, tar and harmful UV rays. It maintains the luster and color of the paint on your car with the best grade of hardness (9h) while its adhesive strength will minimize the appearance of light scratches. Thus, the paint is protected and given a longer life cycle. Another key benefit of titanium coating is that it offers a deep rich gloss and finish. Ultimately, this makes the future washing of your vehicle faster and easier!



CS-II Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent coating that provides long-term shine and protection. By inter-locking part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your paintwork, the result is a coating that cannot be washed off like polymer based waxes. This coating greatly reduces the penetration of heat, helping protect the finish of the vehicle. Once treated, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants like a lotus-leaf and will maintain a clear, reflective, showroom like shine. CS-II Ceramic Coating cannot be removed by water, alkaline or other detergents, or by pressure washers.

Never wax your car again!

How many times have you heard that statement? Promises of protection from the elements and scratching that lasts as long as you own your car. Truth is, waxes wear and wash off becoming less and eventually non effective over time. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating actually makes it possible to never wax your car again. How? Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating is not a wax, in fact it provides 100 times the protection of wax in thickness alone. Too good to be true? We’ll show you why Opti-Coat is for you.

Opti-Coat is not a wax, then what is it?

Opti-Coat is a ceramic clear coat that is hard wearing. This provides greater surface protection from chemical etching that is caused by environmental factors, as well as vastly improved resistance to scratching. Opti-Coat creates a constant shielding barrier by cross linking directly to the paint it is applied to. Compared to any automotive paint protection coating available today, Opti-Coat has superior release properties, scratch and mar defense as well as chemical resistance. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating provides a perpetual Opti-Coat Honda defensive barrier available for all contemporary factory paints.

Why is Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating different from anything else on the market?


Tests performed on other paint protecting products show a measurement of less than .02 microns of wax coating. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating has measured up to 2 microns of thickness. That is 100 times as thick as other paint protection products with only a single layer. This thick coating allows Opti-Coat to efficiently defend against damage that affects current factory paint finishes. The factory paint is preserved by the harder ceramic coating, decreasing minor scratches and swirl marks as well. Factory clear coating is susceptible to damage caused by environmental factors such as bird droppings or lime. The acidic properties of these environmental factors break down the factory clear coat leaving your vehicle defenseless. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating is impervious to these environmental factors, preventing erosion and etching, giving you a clean, shiny, undamaged coating. Opti-Coat is not a sealant or wax for paint; they wash off and degrade over time. Opti-Coat creates a permanent bond with the factory coating, perpetually defending the surface without washing off or dissolving.

Do I need Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating?

Yes! Your vehicle is an investment. After purchasing a new car or having your car detailed is the optimal time to have Opti-Coat applied, maximizing the protection of your investment. You insure your home and your vehicle, take steps to protect your car’s expensive finish. Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating will protect the factory coating of your car.

During the last two months we’ve been offering the New Optimum Gloss-Coat paint coating process. We can report that everyone loves it.

Gloss -Coat is similar to the Opti-Coat Pro we already offer. Yet it doesn’t have the 5 year warranty that the Opti-Coat Pro has. The durability is only good for up to two years. Gloss coat is slick to the touch, hydrophobic and can be applied on top of Opti-Coat Pro. Adding Opti-Coat Pro makes your cars paint look even glossier and feels super soft.

The Gloss-Coat application process is the same as Opti-Coat Pro. We start by thoroughly washing the vehicle. Then we decontaminate the paint using Optimum FereX and detailers clay. This ensures that the paint is contaminate free. We then dry the surface with compressed air. Primer polish (Optimum Prime) is then used to gently polish the paint. This brings out thew shine and readys the paint for the Gloss-Coat. Gloss-Coat is then applied one panel at a time until the vehicle is done.

Gloss-Coat is Optimum Polymer Technologies answer to all the copy cat paint coating that have popped up the past few years. Most offer no warranty and some offer only 2 years vs the 5 year Opti-Coat Pro comes with. Most of these new coatings cost double or triple the price and are imported from a foreign country. Opt-Coat Pro and Gloss-Coat are made here in America.

If having a car that stays cleaner longer, keeps it shine longer, is easier to clean and overall just looks better. Consider having us professionally apply one of Optimum Polymer Technologies premium paint coatings. It’s the #1 paint coating in America and the only one will offer you at Concours Auto Salon.

gloss-coat at concours auto salon san antonio

Gloss-Coat paint coating protecting this Porsche




Concours Auto Salon the leader in Opti-Coat Pro applications for San Antonio Tx is happy to announce that Optimum Polymer  Technologies Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Paint Coatings now come with a 5 year warranty for every complete application. Each new application will come with a warranty pack thatOpti-CoatPro1 includes an outline of the warranty and a warranty card. This warranty card will have a special number with an activation code on the back that is registered through the website.

Concours Auto Salon has been applying Opti-Coat Pro longer then any other shop in San Antonio. 2008  when the product was first released to the public. Concours Auto Salon was the first to apply it. January 2013 Optimum Polymer Technologies added the warranty program for customers wanting a little extra insurance for their paint. Again Concours Auto Salon was the first to Offer it with a warranty and the first to sell a warranty in the United States. Since the beginning Concours Auto Salon has applied Opti-Coat Pro to thousands of cars all over south Texas.IMG_6638

You can’t buy Opti-Coat Pro Just Anywhere

Its true. Opti-Coat can only be purchased and applied from an authorized retailer. There is a list of installers nation wide on the Opti-Coat Pro website. This ensures every one that has this amazingly durable product has i tone right by a licensed and insured shop with the experience and skill to make your paint look t’s best prior to the application of Opti-Coat Pro.



It’s that time of year when all of the car dealers in San Antonio are selling the last of the 2014 models at discounted prices. They are making room for the 2015 models that the will soon be discounting at the end of this year.

Limited Time  Offer                                                                                                                                            

From now until the end of 2014 Concours Auto Salon will be offering a $70.00 coupon towards your next clear bra paint protection film install here in San Antonio.

What Brand Film Are You Installing?                                                                                                                  

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film. This film comes with a 10 year warranty from Xpel

Are There Any Additional Charges?

No. All pre cleaning and post cleaning of the front of your vehicle is included. Were not inflating the original price to then discount. All of the retail prices come from Xpel’s web site.


Happy New Year every one. 2013 was a great year for us at the shop. We made a lot of new friends and worked on a lot of great cars.

A lot of you have been treating your selfs to new vehicles lately. We have hade several through the shop in the last month with customers asking for Opti-Coat Pro by name. It certainly is becoming quite popular these days. With all the benefits that Opti-Coat Pro adds to your cars finish its hard to not want it applied.

We thought we would share some of the recent cars that have come through the shop to have Opti-Coat Pro applied.

This is a new Jeep Cherokee SRT 8 The charcoal metallic finish really sparkled with the Opti-Coat Pro applied to the finish.

Jeep SRT 8 Opti-Coat

This black beauty Honda Accord was in on a recent Saturday having Opti-Coat Pro applied to it’s black metallic finish.

Honda Accord Opti-Coat

These two Porsches were Opti-Coated  at the same time. Parked out in front of the shop they look like candy!

porsche Opti-Coat

This super sweet Audi R8 spider was protected with Opti-Coat Pro after it’s paint was corrected.

Audi with Opti-Coat

This was really just the tip of the Iceberg. So many of you have been wanting your carts protected with Opti-Coat Pro it’s been hard to keep up with let alone document all the cars coming through the shop. We really look forward to the new year and all the customers who want to protect their cars.

The environment can be very damaging to your car’s painted surfaces. Bugs, Birds, tree sap and pollution can age you vehicles finish faster then you would like. Lets face it new Car’s are not coming down in prices. Drivers are keeping their cars for longer periods of time. Proper washing and a good coating of protective sealant are key to a newer looking with a shine that will last for years.

Concours Auto Salon’s premium paint correction and restoration process can bring back that new car shine. It’s not a simple process and takes hours if not days depending on the amount of imperfections to be corrected.

It starts with a thorough hand wash with a decontamination process. The technician will then evaluate the cars finish. Test spots are polished to determine the best machines, pads and products to use for the restoration.

San Antonio Opti-Cost

The polishing/correction process is removing the scratched  dead layer of clear coat.

A key step in the correction process is to have Optimum Opti-Coat applied to the paints finish. Opti-Coat permanently bonds with your painted surfaces. It has the same UV protection properties as your factory clear coat. Within 12 hours it is resistant to liquids such as water and can be driven as normal by the client. Opti-Coat will then continue to harden over the next 30 days as it is exposed to heat. It’s hard wearing and resists scratching better then your factory clear coat.

Stunning Results With Paint Correction

The results from this combination are outstanding. Every customer is completely blown away with the results.

If you would like a free consultation stop by the shop and let us show you what we can do .