Protective Coatings For You Car

At Concours Auto Salon, we offer our clients various protective coating options with different levels of protection and value. Each of these coatings provides something a bit different, but they all produce one significant result: durable protection with excellent shine. Paint coatings are harder than a standard factory clear coat. This provides a scratch resistant layer as well as better protection from environmental contaminants. We offer protective coating applications for cars, motorcycles, any other type of vehicle or individual parts, such as wheels and headlights.

Below you can find a list of service options we offer utilizing these Long Term Protective Coatings with descriptions.

Protect Your Paint

Protecting your vehicles paint is our main objective with the paint protection coatings and why they were initially created. To ensure a nice finish and proper bonding, it will be necessary to remove all contaminates from the paint surface. Most used vehicles will require two or more stages of Paint Correction, depending on the overall condition and owner’s expectations. The polishing will not only make the paint more aesthetically pleasing before the coating is applied, but extends the overall durability of the installed coating.

Protect Your Wheels

Protecting wheels is as important as protecting paint on a vehicle, especially extremely expensive wheels on today’s sports cars and exotic cars. We begin the process by washing an detailing the wheel faces, or a full wheels off detail in which case we also clean painted brake calipers. This is followed by spraying the wheel faces and/or brake calipers with a protective coating. This service will keep your wheels cleaner longer as well as making them easier to clean.

Protect Your Interior

While we normally apply protective coatings to paint or wheels, there are protective coatings designed specifically for your vehicles interior. Leather, vinyl, fabric and carpet can have the same type of protection similar to your paint. This will reduce the chances of staining from spills, grease, ink’s and dye’s

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