San Antonio Hail Damage Repair

Most people in San Antonio have never experienced a hail storm nor do they understand what it takes to repair their damaged vehicle. We will discuss some of the key points to getting your car repaired and back to its original condition.

After A Storm

Have your vehicle washed and start inspecting it. The best way to do this is in the shade or in your garage. Look at your car’s paint from an angle. You should be able to see the small little dings caused by the hail stones. If you have more then 10 dime sized dings on your hood, roof or trunk panel, you will probably want to file a claim with your insurance carrier.

How do you file a claim?

You should have a toll free phone number on your insurance card. Call them and tell them what happened to your vehicle and the date. They will send you to a claim center or have an adjuster contact you to schedule a time to inspect your vehicle. Do not waste your time running around town asking shops to write you an estimate. It’s pointless until you know what your insurance company will pay for. All insurance carriers are familiar with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and will more than likely write your claim with the PDR method. Sometimes the adjuster will write the damage as a combination repair. Meaning that it will be repaired and painted on some panels and PDR will be used on other panels. This is due to the severity of the damage your vehicle sustained. Again, make sure that your vehicle’s paint is clean so that all the damage will be visible.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair is a process that has been used for decades. It is the art of massaging the metal back to its original shape without the need to have the vehicle’s panel sanded, bondoed and re-painted. Special tools are used in this every day process. Hundreds of thousands of hail damaged cars are repaired each year with the PDR process. Insurance companies recommend it because it allows your vehicle to be repaired faster and keeps your factory finish. When the repairs are preformed by a qualified tech you will not be able to tell the car was damaged.

Choosing The Right Repair Shop

san antonio paintless dent repair profesional After the storm you will probably notice lots of out-of-town companies popping up on the side of the road with their tents. Some offer large discounts and other crazy things. You are really taking a gamble with some of these people. They are not all bad however, if you have a problem after the work is done and they have moved on to another city, you will be stuck with the results and possibly paying for additional repairs. We recommend using a local PDR company or reputable body shop. Generally these companies will employ extra PDR technicians and will be around after all the storm cars have been repaired for any issues that may arise. If you want to deal with a local mobile operator, be prepared to let them use your garage to repair your vehicle. This may sound easy however, you might find it to be more of an inconvenience. Some of these mobile operators operate without any liability insurance. If you ask to see a copy of their liability insurance and they can’t provide a current copy of one, you should probably choose someone else. Remember, it’s your vehicle and you decide who is going to repair it. Trust your feelings. If the charges are too good to be true or they are offering all kinds of miracles, we suggest you shop around for a second opinion.

Concours Auto Salon offers high quality paintless dent repairs. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Whether it’s a door ding or a hail damaged vehicle with 400 dings, you can count on us to do the repairs right and on time. We only employ the best dent guy’s in the business.