Hot Car A Problem?

Look Cool And Drive Cool

With Our Top Of The Line Tints.

San Antonio– Window Tint has a visual as well as a physical impact to your car.  The summers here in San Antonio can really damage your vehicle’s interior if you don’t have window tint installed. Here at Concours Auto Salon we believe in providing our customers with the Best selection of window tint options to suite their needs. We’ve tested & selected every tint we install, so you’re sure to end up with a quality product and an installation that lasts. Nearly 2 million vehicles on the road each year get driving style enhancement with window film! Get tinted today and drive cooler!  No matter what you drive, our window tints keep you looking and feeling cooler.

We only install premium window films that:

*Reduce Heat

*Have Maximum UV protection

*Have excellent iR Rejection

*Look Awesome

*Comes With A Lifetime Warranty

*Have Excellent Factory Support

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